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Eki's package

So I finally received Eki's package :3
The packaging is really cute!

How generous of her to include other things as well (:

She sent me the sexylook masks, a velcro hair holder, nail art sticker & a couple of candies!
I'll do a full review on the mask as soon as I recover from my fever...
I've been feeling terrible these few days, I hope everyone is taking good care of themselves!

As requested, heres the items in my makeup bag that I carry with me usually.

I don't carry much since I usually do my basic makeup at home, these are just for touch-ups or for precautions!
1. Hollywood fashion tape - this is essential in case there are slips or my dress splits or something XD
2. Shiseido Maquillage eye liner - Really good for lining my waterline!
3. Dollywink eyeliner
4. Eyelash glue- In case my falsies came off halfway, better be safe than sorry! I would hate it if the lashes on one side fell off & I'm stuck with only falsies on one eye ):
5. NYX jumbo eye pencil in Milk
6. Shiseido mini eye & lip makeup remover- In case I mess up during touch ups/I also use it to remove excess makeup after photoshoots
7. Lip ice in Lemon
8. Makeup pouch
Thats all!

Anws, I don't usually reply every single question on my formspring as some are too personal/some I could just blog about! So if you've submitted your question yet didn't see a reply, it either means that I'll be blogging about it soon(eg, whats in my makeup bag..) or that I won't reply because its a personal question (eg, questions regarding me with someone else or what do I think of who & who...)
I'm working on a new blogskin too as my current one is kind of limited for me, so just bear with this layout for the moment.
Hope you'll have a great weekend ahead! (: