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Hong kong 1

I will try to blog a little about my Hong Kong trip!
It was soooo short, I wish I could stayed longer.
I really love HK! The weather was perfect, it didn't rain at all while I was there and I could wear long pants without feeling weird.

I love taking the plane! Did I mention the movie selection was pretty awesome? I watched [ゴースト] もういちど抱きしめたい! Loveeee that movie so much hehe

Lunch was pretty yummy for plane food too.
Reached HK & took a coach to the hotel...the coach ride was roughly about 1 hour to Park Hotel..its all the way at Tsim Sha Tsui. I would recommend staying there cause its like a shopping paradise around the hotel! Though with my fussy attitude towards buying clothes, I only managed to buy 2 umbrellas from around my for myself & another for a friend.

My messy room that I shared with Evelyn! I love the hotel (:

I also bought a phone card so I could call back to Singapore to chat with Baby every night. Apparently I used up the credit on the first day after talking to him for 1 hour LOL Luckily I bought 2 cards haha
That's 'cause I have no idea how to buy the top up ones -.-

We got to the hotel at around 4pm so we went to Mongkok to shoppped around.
First stop was Langham Place as I wanted to get Jill stuart blush & a couple of Lush products! Spent about 600HKD over there!
Then we went over to Argyle centre to shop about. Its like a mix between bugis street and far east plaza! Theres tons of clothes for sale at a really cheap price..especialy those sold in blogshop! I didn't buy anything there though...the clothes were a tad too 'cheap' for me..
Went for dinner after that near Temple Street at this random place, I think it was around Jordan Station area.

Got a fish congee with tons of bones..

And this hontoni totemo oishii Frog leg claypot rice! :3 I wanna nom this again!
After that went to Hui Lau Shan for dessert.

I heard this place is a must visit dessert place if you're in HK.

Got the Mango dessert which is really yummy and I love the ice reminds me of the mango shaving ice from my favorite dessert shop in Singapore!

Typical HK street! It looks busy but its not as busy as Singapore :/ Its really easy to navigate around HK on your own too.
Theres really alot to see in HK!

Shopping goods from the first day of shopping!

Thats all I'm updating today, I'm tired already.
Went for karaoke with a couple of people yesterday afternoon & I met a few nice people!
I tried singing jazz too but I failed lah obviously haha
It amazes me sometimes on how different everyone can be...& I hate it when other people get bullied just because they like different things/they are different.