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London trip 1

Headed down to London on Saturday for some shopping!
London's temperature wasn't as cold as Oxford though so I was kinda of overdressed for the weather? But at least I wasn't freezing.
Over here in Oxford, its super windy and chilly! But I'll whine more about it in another post.
So to get to London from Oxford, we had to take the railway to Paddington station and then the underground trains to respective stations that you wanna go to.
Yes, Paddington station. Paddington bear!

First stop was Portobello Market, I must say though the markets here in UK are amazing!
Filled with everything from clothes to food to fruits to cheap bargains...
You won't miss it, really. Its just down Portobello road.

The simplest way to get there? Just follow the crowd!
Nearest train station : Nottinghill gate station.

I didn't have a map or anything while I was in London, but it was easy to navigate. Not as easy as Hong kong though, but still easy enough.
Portobello market is this whole long stretch of roadside stalls that sells everything and I'm probably heading back there in a few weeks time again to get more stuff.

Theres brand new collar shirts for £6 pounds, shorts at £10 if you know where to find them ^^
Some of the stalls sells dresses at £15, claiming that its a good deal and all but £15 works up to about 30SGD so...its not really worth it!
Theres also a flea section that sells clothes around £2 to £5. It depends on what you're searching for.

Did I mention theres a whole section dedicated to antiques and vintage stuff too?
Theres Lush almost everywhere here! Currently waiting for October to get the Snow Fairy shower gel~

Theres one right down the street from where I live, I passed by it everyday on the way to the Chemistry lab.
Went over to Broad street after where all the high end department stores such as House of Fraser, Deberhams...since it has a wide variety of brands.
Had late lunch at Starbucks after

Got myself a strawberry & cream frappe. Do we have this in Singapore? I don't remember seeing it...
I was kind of skeptical to have lunch at the cafes and stuff here though.
Didn't take much pictures after as I was busy shopping, but heres what I got at the end of the day.

Finally succumb and got the UD Naked palette, a Jo Malone perfume in English Pear & Freesia, a Avril Lavigne Black Star shower gel for a friend, 2 tops from David & Goliath and a Levis' shorts from the market.
Gonna explore Oxford a bit more this weekend. I am kinda use to my life here now I guess.
The meals are a bit of a headache as I have to fend for myself and I don't really have a proper kitchen so its mainly just takeaway food or something from the supermarket for my meals.
Thats all for now! Looking forward to my next london trip again in about 2 weeks time.

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