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My exams are finally over!
Gonna update about the Notikum blogger's event I went for at Chjimes last thursday.
It was just a cozy session to get to know more about Notikum (which, I will explain about it later)
Location: Le Baroque restaurant.

Got to know a couple of really friendly girls! With Joanna and Anna~ Didn't take a picture with Irene because she left early though.

Dinner was a generous spread of Thai buffet. All I can say is...yummeh!
The main courses(Olive fried rice, pineapple fried rice, green curry and some fried fish), I forgot to take photos of the desserts/salad part ):

Not forgetting the Tom Yum soup...

My first plate!

Second plate! I know I eat alot haha but its really yummy and I love green curry and pineapple rice!!!

What is Notikum all about?
Notikum is a consumer oriented service that is available both as a website as well as iPhone and Android app that will direct you to offers and deals that are most relevant to you, based on your search query, current location and according to the credit cards that you hold. With Notikum, you do not have to spend excessive effort or time trawling through most deals and offers found on websites, brochures, newspapers or other medium of communication. Notikum will do that for you and present you with relevant search results based on the parameters that you have set. Notikum makes your purchasing decision an informed one in an instant of a click, you would no longer have to deal with randomness in your purchasing decision anymore.
Basically it is an application that allows you to search for deals that are available for the cards you have in your wallets.
And if you haven't guess by the name, it actually means No Tikum - No guessing!
There are two ways you can go about to using it.
The first is through their website:
NoTikum promises 3 things:
A) Smarter Savings B) Personalized suggestions C) Access Anywhere
A) Smarter Savings
Just type in any keyword (eg: DBS visa, OCBC, the name of the restaurant that you want to dine in,shops...) to search for discounts

You'll come to a page which gives you more details if discounts/special privileges are available.
B) Personalized Suggestions
Now, all you have to do is to sign up in order to see more options.

Also, you get to personalize the choices/suggestions when you sign that the next time you use Notikum, its easier for you to access the options that you are searching for. By personalizing, I meant letting the system know what type of cards you own(DBS visa, Takashimaya Visa..) so that it would only show you ONLY options/discounts/privileges from the cards thats relevant to you! Isin't that good?

Lastly, all you have to do is to select which offer you're interested in and you'll go to a page which shows you..
1. The start and end date of the discount/offers
2. The location of the place (got map somemore eh!)
3. All the cards that the offer is available for

The second way to use NoTikum would be by downloading the app on your smart phones!
C) Access Anywhere
This is a much easier way to check for deals in my opinion as you could do it on the go.

Its kind of the same concept as the website so I don't think much explanation is needed haha

Pros of Notikum:
1. You do not need to purchase anything from the website! It shows you the discounts and you could just go to the restaurant/spa/place with it. Perfect for people who are wary of scams!
2. As compared with other websites offering deals, you do not need to wait for an email to be sent to you after purchasing the discount deals. All you have to do with NoTikum is to search for the place you are going to, to check out the offers that are available. You could save a few dollars!!! Don't look down on a few dollars/cents okay!
3. Best of all, you will be up to date with all the offers available to your cards so thats is no need for any guessing......No Tikum!

1. Well, NoTikum is currently in Beta testing stage so you would have to expect more benefits at a later time!

Don't you think its an app worth having on your phone? (: