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Lush Haul!

Went to the Lush store nearby on Saturday & went a tad bit crazy stocking up on soaps.
There's no denying that I love walking into a Lush store!
Seeing a table filled with big chunk of gorgeous soaps.. How not to go crazy?!

The added bonus was that Christmas collection was also in store already so I was really excited.
I went there last week to get a small bottle of Snow Fairy & I adore it so much omg.
I love Lush's bath bomb! They fizzle really well in the bath & each one is unique.
Looking forward to using them :D

Stocked up on a few.. Got the Avobath, Sex Bomb, Dragon's egg & Ickle Baby Bot.
Lush's bubble bar is really awesome too!

Got another bar of my favorite, The Comforter, bubble bar. I still have bits of it left from the one I got at HK few months back.
A tiny piece of it gives tons of bubbles!!!!
The new bubble bars for the Christmas collection was really cute though

Got one of the melting snowman (the one at the back with the nose!) & a gingerbread house.
I love picking up the soaps & smelling them the most.
Got a small chunk (about 4 pounds) worth of Honey I washed the Kids and a slighter bigger (roughly 8 pounds) of Rock Star soap.
(Love how the top of Honey I washed the Kids has a honeycomb like texture on it. Smells like honey & toffee to me.
Rock Star smells really sweet, kinda like vanilla.)
Not to mention a whole chunk of Angel's Delight soap! It smells really yummy & holiday-ish if that makes sense.
Filled with tons of colors (mostly pink hehe), glitters... Really pretty~

This whole chunk cost me 19.75 pounds by the way. I'm all set for christmas now.
Wanted to get the Pow Wow lip scrub but it was out of stock so I'm gonna check back again before I fly back to SG this friday.
& here's my basket after grabbing everything that I wanted

And my haul at the end of my Lush shopping trip

All nicely wrapped since I'm too lazy to take them out individually.
This is excluding the souvenirs I got for some of my friends though since I bought the mini shower gel for them in Happy Hippy & It's raining men.
Overall damage on that day was about 60 pounds! Madness! But then again I am stocking up on my bath stuff all the way till Christmas.
Might last me till next year though. I still have a couple more of Lush items back home in SG!
Can't wait to get back to use them.

Anyway, time to count down! I'll be back in SG by next week.

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