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Oxford noms

*Warning: Do not read any further if you're hungry!

While I was in Oxford, initially for the first week I was eating microwaved meals & mourning about how much I miss real food.
And then I found out that I could take away hot food from restaurants & there were yummy food sold in some cafes too at an affordable price.
One of my favorite places that I often visited while in Oxford was Yo! Sushi restaurant, the only sushi place known to me since the second last day in Oxford (where I found out there was another sushi restaurant nearer to my place but I didn't get to try it ): )
It curbs my Jap food craving and for some reason, the takeaway gives a much bigger portion than dining in.
My Vegetable firecracker rice for only £2.30! I don't usually finish the whole thing though, its too much.

But if I were to dine in, I'll get a few more stuff like Gyoza, Aubergine in Harusame dressing(Me favo)....

Not to mention my fav dessert of all time!!! Green tea ice cream mochi :3

But they switched up the menu on my 2nd last day so its not available anymore yo.

Another fav place to get takeaways from is Pizza Express!
Its a great place to dine in if I'm really hungry but if I takeaway a pizza, I can make it last for 2 meals instead of one.

And they'll cut the slices for you if you takeaway...

Plus they also have really yummy salad with the pizza bread sticks

And after eating the pizza from there, I never wanna visit any of the pizza place that I usually go to in SG again lol

The only 2 cafes I ever went to in Oxford is the cornershop near the Chemistry lab which has really aweome sandwiches
And brownie!!!! With no nuts :D

And this cafe called Pret a Manger with this Hosin Duck wrap that tasted like Bejing Duck to me

Oh Oxford, I miss your food.

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