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Sightseeing Solo

Been so busy with work lately!
And I'm also guilty of catching up on my American Tv dramas, new season for almost all of them has started :D
TVD! Gossip girl! 90210! Pretty little liars! ANTM!
Anyway, went down to London on the previous previous saturday & sightsee alone.

Ever since Eric told me about the London Eye few years back, I've been wanting to go over there.
Now that I'm currently in the UK, I didn't wanna pass up the opportunity I had.
Though partly it was because I couldn't watch The Phantom of the Opera.. major boos.
First stop was the London Eye!

Collected my tickets from the machine as I bought the tickets online a few days before I went & then went for the 4D show before going to the Eye.
The 4D show was really really nice even though it lasted for only for like, 5 mins?
Queued up for the Eye after & I was so envious that almost everyone had someone to go with while I was alone ):

The view was really great! But I could only recognize Big Ben, Westminster Abbey, trafalgar square...

It was enough though cause the buildings were all so victorian-ish.
At the bottom of the Eye :

At the top of the world! (Not literally)


Went over to the London Aquarium after!

My favorite would be the sharks and the penguins.
Took videos here mostly though.
Spent about 2 hours there & then cross the bridge to walked over to the Big Ben after.

Westminster abbey next for photos but I was kinda late to meet my friend so I didn't stay there for long.
I'm such a tourist, I know. Haha
Met my friend at Covent Garden but there wasn't anything much for my to shop around.
I'm starting to find London kind of an overrated place? Maybe I don't know the best places to shop or something but...
I think Oxford is a much better shopping place as compared to London. I know shops here are also available in London though,
but going to London would need about 25 pounds just for the tickets so.. I might as well just shop here, no?
Gonna stock up on Lush Christmas products & Soap and Glory products this weekend.
Heading to work now! So much to do this week...
Don't even have any time for breaks whatsoever ):
I'll update soon if I can!


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