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Old Entries

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iPhone captures #1

Watched In Time with Rain on Sunday after SKM event!

Rain acting cute! But besides the acting cute, hes actually sort of a male version of me? 70% at least.
I kinda like the movie as it was interesting but I never did like cliff-hangers so...I didn't like the ending!

Ichiban for dinner on Saturday & tried the new dessert menu.
Green tea ice cream (: 

The previous week!

Watched Phantom of the Opera musical, finally, at GV max with J & Eve on the previous friday.
I swear it was one of the BEST decisions I ever made and money well spent since I have been simply DYING to watch it.
Even though it was only a live telecast-2D instead of 4D but..I'll take what I can.
IT WAS AWESOME OMG. Much more awesome than  ever imagined & I cried at the end!
Didn't get to watch it while I was in London due to the time but I manage to watch it in SG! Yay!
The next day I went to Cedric's chalet. Had a really great time there! 
Treated it as a super short mini holiday since I needed one. 
They were all playing this drinking game at night but I don't drink so J drank on my behalf..
I feel kinda bad though :x but I did look after him throughout the night 
Got pancakes for breakfast with J on Sunday!
Been craving them for the longest time and coincidentally the next day was a public holiday & Mummy dear got pancakes for me again haha
Pancakes cravings satisfied! For now at least.

School was the usual, PH went to donate blood and gave me the Blood droplet stress ball so I drew fangs on it.

Looks so much cuter! :D
Couldn't donate blood cause I was below 45kg though...
And one of the interesting things I did in school was Steam Distillation of orange to extract out orange oil.

That pretty much sums up last week.

On a side note,
I have decided to not go back to Oxford and to not apply for the trip to Japan.
So I guess you'll be seeing more of me in SG around the beginning of next year!