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Say thanks, make someone's day!

Went for the SKM campaign last Sunday!
World kindness day falls on 13 November~
Thanks to Nuffnang, I got to attend the media briefing and be a part of this event :D
First things first, got down to Orchard Xchange & changed to the shirt provided.

Made a couple of new friends!
Got lunch together with them before the event officially started. They're really fun to talk to!

(Emily, me, Celine)
Collected our goodie bag and waited for the media briefing to start.
Dr William Wan gave us an introduction speech before we went upstairs- outside Ion- for the launch of the event

Yellow Gebaras daisies that we're giving out to make someone's day!

Close up of the flower...Its like a burst of sunshine~

The first person I noticed when I was outside Ion was... Singa!

Daniel Ong was the emcee for the event. Also took a photo with him while he was half talking on stage but I don't have it with me now as its in my laptop. Currently using J's laptop to blog :x

Volunteers with flowers! Thats only about 1/4 of the volunteers. There was a total of about 500+ volunteers all eager to start giving out flowers!

Me holding my bunch of yellow gebaras! Bro came down to the event too & he helped me to take this photo haha

After getting our yellow gerberas, me and the fellow bloggers got up on stage to welcome the guest of honor Dr Yaacob Ibrahim!
Watering of the plant to kick start event..

Gave out the flowers with Emily and Celine after!
Manage to give it out in a short period of time & thats sums up what we had to do.

Kindness doesn't stops here however!
You could also go down to this website:
to leave a kindness massage or a thank you message and watch the yellow flowers bloom!

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