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Charity Chado

Went for Charity Chado at JAS on Sunday with boyfy!
I love matcha, I absolutely love Japanese tea ceremony so I was really glad that he decided to bring me along :D

There were 3 'stations'. The first was a demo of how the tea ceremony was conducted.
We were given sweet to eat first, before they served us with matcha.
Sweet from the first 'station'! Its like a layer of cake on top with azuki bean paste at the bottom and it was so freaking yummy!

First cup of matcha!

Moving on to the second 'station' which has a comparison of the two tea ceremony set ups.
Sweet from the second 'station'! Its mochi with flour on top I think? But it taste so GOOD.. I'm craving for those sweets right now~

And second cup of matcha!

I will never ever get tired of drinking matcha or green tea though. They're like my favourite drink ever!!!
So the last station was the tea ceremony conducted by a student, which so happens to be Haizul!
Didn't manage to take a picture of the sweet and my third cup of matcha cause me and boyfy were both having 'first hand experience' as Haizul was conducting the ceremony :D
Manage to snap a photo of the set up though:

I would like to add, out of the 4 volunteers sitting down, I was the only one sitting cross-leg while boyfy and the others sat in seiza position. I have super weak legs!!! ): My legs cramp easily when I don't move it or during cold weather ._.
And initially I was sitting at seiza position but before the ceremony even begun my legs already started cramping and it was only less than 5 mins. Weak right?!?
But overall, I really enjoyed myself and I am kinda thankful that I was exposed to Japanese tea ceremony ever since I joined JCC! I love traditional Japanese stuff so I love the ceremony.
And for those who have no idea how Jap tea ceremony is conducted,
I shall leave you with a video I found on youtube about it XD