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Chemistry (NUS)
Perfumery and Cosmetic science (Singapore Polytechnic)
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Roses for my 18th

Received a surprise yesterday when the delivery guy rang my doorbell holding this huge bouquet of roses. With a cute cuddly bear attached to it. And a box of Ferrero Rocher.
I was wondering who would give me such a big bouquet and then I saw the card attached to the flowers.. Kix! ❤
Kix is my brother whos in California right now~ I feel so touched that he actually ordered the flowers & got them delivered to me!
13 red & 5 white roses. 18 roses for my 18th birthday!
My birthday is on 13th July though, its a 5 month delay but...who cares? (:
I'm really touched & happy! I adore roses, especially red, white and pink ones.
(Red being my favourite though)
I don't know what did I do to deserve such amazing people in my life.
Not only Kix, but for those who loves me as well. Those who would be there for me whenever I'm feeling down or who would look after me and care for me.
I had my fair share of meeting unpleasant people but having someone that I could talk and whine to makes everything better!