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Bella Box January!

Have you heard of Glossybox, BellaBox, GlamBox or VanityTrove? These are beauty boxes, currently popping up (almost)everywhere!
I have an unhealthy obsession with trying out cosmetics/skin care products and I have NEVER hit pan on any of the cosmetcs/skin care products that I owned before as I'm always buying new things to try.. I guess its sort of my "hobby"? Partly why I'm studying Perfumery & Cosmetic Science in Singapore Poly right now haha
When I first heard of GlossyBox (one of UK's beauty box), I was kinda upset that it couldn't be shipped to Singapore because beauty boxes are actually a great way to try out new products.
And then I found out about BellaBox :D
BellaBox is one of the most affordable beauty box available in Singapore.
How it works: You join the membership which is roughly $15 per month. 5 luxury beauty products would be sent to you monthly, with a mix of samples and full size products. The box would be delivered to your house and if you like the product, you could purchase it from their website directly.
As of 2012, they changed their box packaging to a smaller, more compact & eco-friendly box.

Theres a note on the contents inside the box and every month there's a specific theme. For Jan, it was "A new year, A new you". At the back of it was more information about the products in the box.

Once opened..

And here are the products in the January box!

1. Dr Dennis Gross Extra Strength Alpha Beta Peel
Honestly, I have never heard of that brand before but it claims that you would be able to see immediate results after using the products. It is great for anti-aging, brightening, complexing clearing and perfect for all skin types. Its a do-it-yourself beauty treatment where you apply Step one(the first sachet) follow by Step 2(second sachet). It is kind of pricey though, 10 packettes for $71.

2. Herban Essentials Towelette
I am a clean freak! I love wet towelette especially those from chinese restaurants cause I would feel clean after eating and I can touch my phone again! It says that this towelette is made with the highest quality essential oils which makes them naturally antibacterial and antiseptic. However, it is also kind of pricey at $18 for 20 towelettes..that works about 90cents per towelette? Hmm.

3. Dr Jart BB cream (Silver label)
Hello BB cream once again! When I first started putting on makeup, I used Dr Jart BB cream (silver label) and when I ran out of it, I switched to mineralize powder instead since it was kind of costly. I love Dr Jart BB cream because it makes me looks really fair in photos plus its great for covering up any imperfections and it also has SPF 35. I know other BB creams does the same things too but I have never wanted to try other brands apart from Dr Jart :x You may call me biased now. Since its retailing at 50ml for $33, the product they sent is 15ml so thats about $9.90

4. The Face Shop Organature Cleansing Foam
A cleansing foam with kaolin powder for mild exfoliation. Never tried this product before but I have used the Brightening Ricewater cleaning foam from Face Shop last time and I love it so I'm hoping this won't let me down. It retails at $23.90 for 150ml and the one they sent is about its around $7.97?

5. Pangea Organics Lip Balm
They gave it to me in Pyrenees Lavender with Cardamon. The lavender is for healing and calming while Cardamon is antioxidant and reviving. It comes in two other flavors, Egyptian Fennel with Grapfruits and Sweet orange, Italian red Mandarin with Rose. Was hoping to get rose one though since I don't really love the smell of Lavender? Its really calming and all but floral scent on lipbalm is kind of weird to me. I have been using Lemon LipIce for years now (on my 5th tube now LOL) 'cause it really works and I always have dry lips but one problem that I have with it is that I need to keep reapplying. Tried putting the Pangea Organics Lip Balm just now and its really moisturizing and long lasting! Plus organic. Its the only full-sized product in the box and retails at $14.50 on bellabox website.

So after calculating the cost of the products in the BellaBox relatively to their sales price.. if I were to purchase those products directly it would have costed me $40.37!
Aren't I glad I got them for only $15! Can't wait for the next box to arrive :D