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Defying gravity

So, an update on my life!
I have been eating a lot recently. Then again, whats new?
Went to the Hokkaido fair a couple of days back with boyfy and he bought the Strawberry cream puff! I love strawberries and whipped cream by the way, this is just the perfect combination of both.

Not forgetting Anderson's ice cream on another day,

My favourite Fruts of the Forest ice cream with his favourite Cookies and cream!
With free whipped cream and strawberry topping hehe

Soup spoon for dinner on one of the weekend. Quite a lot of food for only 19.90!

Watched Wicked the musical with Eve, James and JY last Sunday.
We got quite good seats!

The musical was awesome and two of my favourite songs were Defying Gravity and As Long As You're Mine. I was looking forward to hearing both of them and the cast didn't let me down!
Should have brought boyfy along though, he would love it too.
My favourite musical of all time however, is the Phantom of the Opera, I wanna watch it again!
Before the musical started, we went to Ding Tai Fung for dinner! Shared food with eve.

I still prefer Crystal Jade...they have cold barley! I am obsessed with cold barley.

Ichiban with boyfy for dinner few days back,

Black pork + miso salmon is super love!

Finally got a schedule book for myself from Kinokuniya before having dinner with JCC peeps at Aston on Thursday. Boyfy had to come down to Takashimaya to pick me up as I was taking such a long time deciding whether to get it or not. I'm a very indecisive person when it comes to money matters.

Baby Mickey & Minnie! :D It even has a food calorie counter in Japanese at the back.

Ya Kun toast just opened in my school recently and I have been pigging out on the kaya toast with the glorious butter almost everyday. I love the slab of butter!


Thats about it for my week recently.
I have tons of presentations and reports to complete though so I better get started on them.
Hopefully I'll get everything done by this weekend!
Working next week! Drop by A&F and say hi alright? XD