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Oxford part 1

I remembered that I didn't do a proper post on my Oxford trip ages ago yet so I shall start with that now!
My dad was with me for a week before he headed back to Singapore on week two, which means I spent 5 weeks roaming alone in Oxford afterwards.
I didn't have much time to explore since I had to be at the lab on weekdays but we made do of my time available. With that being said, while I was at the lab, he was exploring Oxford and even manage to get in to Christ church and take photo with the grand stairs! Something I wanted to do but it wasn't open when I went over.

Week one
Settled into my accommodation once we reached Oxfordshire. Its a nice cozy single bed room with a teeny balcony.
One of the days my dad bought McDonald breakfast for me when he came over...cause he wanted to use my laptop to skype while I was eating! But the food from McDonald over in Oxford didn't taste nice to me though.

Another day which we got crepes for breakfast. The lady is making my strawberries and nutella crepe!

Really thick though and I couldn't finish it.

One of the rare chances that I was free to sightsee! We walked around Oxfordshire a little and took lots of pictures. Pardon my dressing, I believe it was the day that we landed or the day after so I just chuck on something comfortable instead of dressing up.

Turf Tavern! I believe this was in the show "Dr Who" ?

Did some grocery shopping every alternate day or so. By that I mean, buy water and strawberries. And maybe some pre-packed microwave food.
Cup noodles bought from SG by the way, I cannot live without my Tom Yam Nissan cup noodles!

Another day which I could leave the lab earlier and there was a fair so I took my dad there. Hehe I know I look very nerdy/blur. Don't judge me! But look at the size of the bears at the back omg

Went over to Keble where my dad was staying at for breakfast once! You could tell I just woke up not long ago in this picture.

My first proper breakfast in the first week!

So much food. I'm so happy. I have been eating cereals, puff or some microwave food for breakfast on the first week(technically, the first 2 weeks I was there) as my accommodation didn't provide breakfast.

Heres the food that I've been eating for most of my meals on the first 2 weeks;
Microwaved Bangers and Mash! True british food lol

Healthy cereal for breakfast cause they don't have KokoKrunch *sobs

But not all microwave food is yucky though, some are acceptable and nice like..

Hot chocolate pudding!!!! Seriously should have this in Singapore!
One of the dinner at a pub near my accommodation.

A really funny prank found in the lab XD

Did laundry at the end of the week! Was figuring out how to use the machines.
Thats Alethea at the back.

And during that weekend we went to London which I already blogged about few months back.
For the last meal that my dad had in Oxford with me, I bought him to Jamie's Italian restaurant.
My "spring" pasta

His pork stew which was really yummy

Not forgetting, desserts! Panna cotta and brownie with vanilla ice cream

So thats the end of week 1 there.
Whew. Didn't expect so much pictures though.

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