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Oxford part 2

Spent most of my time in the lab.
Or should I say, 5 out of 7 days a week in there.

Heres how I look like every weekday.
Jeans,boots,polo tee,long sleeve to layer on top & my trench-coat that I got from Zara while I was there cause it was so cold!

There was this Arabian market at this big stretch of road on my way to the lab for a couple of days. Pretty fancy and unique items but not really my type.

Meals on weekdays are sparse and boring. Usually I'll get a hot pack(with either a rack of ribs/ 2 drumlets/ spicy wings) from the supermarket and maybe fruits for dinner. I'll skip lunch unless I'm really hungry cause I will try to have a heavy breakfast.

Not forgetting my favourite dessert! Still remember my Cadbury hot chocolate pudding? Hehe

Went out for lunch with the rest of the people in my group at the lab on one of the days. There was a 2 for 1 offer at Pizza Express! I love that place!!!
Funnily enough it was the first place that I went to for a meal in Oxford.
Caesar salad are the yummiest I ever tasted because the breadstick was heavenly.

And the breadstick was made from the pizza dough so the pizza is equally heavenly. I kid you not. This easily beats any regular pizza place in Singapore in the same price range (approx 12SGD)

At the end of the week, I went to the Botanic Garden (briefing blogged about it previously)!
Here are some extra photos that I found lying around in my laptop.
All the pretty flowers,

Trees that leaves you awestruck by their colours,

I like to think of this as a garden because this would be how I want my garden to look like if I have plant all sorts of veggies since I love eating vegetable. Seriously.

I also met a guy who owns lots of boats. Lol I joked.

Cotton! Kinda amazing how something so small is able to make such a big difference, don't you think?

Me thinks pink matches with green

Ventured into the fern's greenhouse to breathe in all the spores,

And I'll post my favourite picture of that day again since I think the natural lighting is pretty awesome.

Saw this while walking over to Christ Church! It would be magical to have a wedding in Oxford though..Future husband, you listening out there?! I want a wedding in a castle but I'll settle for a honeymoon there. A castle, I mean.

Was raining when I got to Christ Church so I was partly wet but the thing with rains over there during that period is that it'll only last for a minute or so. Theres not really a point in opening your umbrella.

Christ church from a distance! Found a couple of lavenders on the way too.

Couldn't get into Christ Church on that day so I was pretty upset but I manage to take a super long walk in the meadow and I saw cows!!!!
Someone bring me go cow-milking one day, please?

That summarizes week 2 and 3 of Oxford I guess! Didn't really take much photos around week 3 and 4 because it was mainly just moving around and staying at my accommodation to skype with boyfy and my family during the weekend. It was hell trying to drag all of my 40+kg luggage around since it was about 95% of my total weight!
But I managed & I'm proud of myself! :D
Shall end this post here now. Enjoy your weekends! X