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Bella Box Feb!

Back to posting another entry in my blog since I'm lazing on my bed with stomach cramp. And the only thing cheering me up, besides muching on Royce chocolates, is that my Feb BellaBox arrived this morning so I finally have new products to play with! This month's theme is: Share the Love~

I admit, I was kind of bummed when I open the box at first but after reading the descriptions of the items and playing with them a bit more, I was happy with the contents :D

The only full size item in this box was the Ansley Pure Pop Superstar Eyeshadow & Eyeliner set.
I got the one in Aqua grey. Ansley is a korean cosmetics brand whereby their products are mainly "mix" instead of just "single". For example, they also have a blush + power set where the blush is at the top while the powder is at the bottom. Kind of a cute concept for their cosmetic range.

It comes with a shimmery dark grey and light grey eyeshadow at the top

And a black eyeliner at the bottom. Also comes with a gel liner brush too.

I wanted the one in Silky brown though cause I already have tons of black eyeliners but I guess the more black eyeliners I have, the merrier! I mean, this is just the 7th black eyeliner that I have. But 5/7 of mine are liquid liners so at least this is a gel liner right?
Ansley eyeshadow & eyeliner retails for $16.90 at

So the other four items are sample items.

There is the La Perla Divina perfume sample. It smells like strawberry and champage with a hint of orange to me. But its a floral fruity perfume from the lingerie brand, La Perla, in case you didnt' know. In simpler terms, the perfume does smell nice however, I won't consider getting the full size as I prefer scents like Jo Malone's English Pear & Freesia(my everyday perfume hehe) or Abercrombie's Fierce cologne(obsessed about it now!)
La Perla Divina $63 for 30ml, $81 for 50ml, &99 for 100ml at La Perla Boutique

Included in the box is also a mini vial of Duchess Marden Body Serum. I took a whiff at it first and it reminded me of sandalwood. Its kind of an oil based body serum so it does not get absorbs in completely after a while however, it does not leave any noticeable oily residue. The smell still lingers and its pleasant woody, not those incense woody kind. It claims to hydrates, softens and stimulates new cell growth and gives you a beautiful glowing skin.
$89.90 for 200ml at

I also got a sample of Belif Hydra Sebum control essence. Didn't get that in my Jan Bellabox like some others but I got it now! Belif is a skincare brand from korea, which just opened a shop in Wisma Basement- replacing the korean cosmetic brand with the purple wallpaper whose name escapes me. Belif is a brand that uses herbs and natural ingredients and the Hydra Sebum controls the release of excess sebum and oil n your skin and make pores smaller.
$57 for 50ml at Belif Wisma Atria

Lastly, I got the NveyEco Organic Eyeshow in number 150-Charcoal Blue

Its a pretty shade but I've never used blue-based eyeshadow before so I'm not sure if it would look nice on me...but I'm planning to get a pair of grey contacts again soon so we'll see how they match. Nvey eyeshadow are talc free and formulated using soothing organic elements(jojoba and chamomile). It is perfect for dry and sensitive areas on the eyelid and they are also intensely pigmented.
$49.90 for Single eyeshadow at bellabox online)

So that sums up the items in my Feb Bellabox.
Heres a calculated cost of the items in the box just for fun.
$16.90(Ansley)+$1.20(La Perla perfume sample)+$11.40(Belif)+$1.80(Duchess Marden)+roughly $5(Nvey eyeshadow) = $36.30!
Twice of how much one bellabox cost so its worth it.
I'm looking forward to the March box now!