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So I'm gonna talk about my lipsticks. Since this space is empty for a while, I might as well update on something random since I did nothing interesting recently.
It's exam week(s)!

I used to dislike wearing lipstick.
Well, I still do anyway..just not as much as I used to.
Long story short, I got more interested in makeup and in a blink of an eye,
my collection grew till this in 2-3 years :

I am ashamed. Haha. Its not really a lot but for someone who only has one lip, I guess 16 (& still counting..) coloured lip products are a tad too much.
However, I am simply fascinated by the different formulations of lipsticks since they're mostly from different brands.
Each lipstick are, of course, different. Some has fab colour payoff while others are slightly to the sheer side but I love all of them. Some formulations are really smooth and easy to apply while others kind of chip slightly or melt really easily or even bloom.
I have never tried out half of them on my lips before though..I mainly just stick to the usual shades that I wear.

The ones I used often are ;
-Blankety(Amplified) by M.A.C which is a nude pink shade. I heard quite a lot about M.A.C lipsticks and its honestly one of the best in the beauty market because M.A.C has different formulations for their lipsticks- Cremesheen, Amplified... This is my very first lip stick & it was an impulse buy because I wanted a lipstick from M.A.C for a long time. I wear this whenever I have heavy eye makeup or when I want to fake gyaru. I love the vanilla-ish smell!

-YSL Celestial Mauve is another shade that I wear whenever I have eye makeup to the grey/black side or when I just feel like having a fresh pop of colour. Its a purple/bright pink shade which doesn't really suit Asian skin tone but I use a tad bit and then blend it out so it won't be that bright. This is also another impulse buy as I wanted a YSL lipstick because the formulation is really smooth and it smells amazingly fruity. I got the first shade I saw at the counter LOL

- Clinique Black Honey is a sheer wash of burgundy color and it's not sold in Asia so I got two tubes while in the UK :x It looks really nice on me but then again, its meant to suit all skin tone. I wish the lipstick would have a nicer smell though.

-Shiseido P7/RS612. P7 is a dark orangey red colour while RS612 is slightly plum red. I use them when I want to amp up my lips for a darker look and to achieve that slutty look sometime but well, thats rarely.

The rest of the colours I own are Paris(NYX), Pink-a-boo & Pink Toffee(Clinique), Kate 05 & 12 (Rimmel), Pink lolita(Estee Lauder), Very berry(No. 17), Sorbet(NYX), Lip plumper(Dior- I hate the minty smell!) and of course, the black honey gloss.

I have never tried the rest honestly so I can't say what they look like or how I would pair them with. It kind of depends on the look that you want to achieve.
The creation of makeup is amazing, isin't it?