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Maybelline brunch event

Its still exam week so I was thankful when I received the invite to Maybelline brunch event. Time to relax a little!

Attended the Maybelline brunch/launch event this afternoon at Covelli Italian Bistro & Wine Bar! It was for the products that will be launching in March/April.

As usual, it started off with an introduction.

Followed by a fashion show by Love, Bonito.
And a talk by a makeup artist while some of the new products was passed around for us to try it out.
For March/April, you'll be able to expect the Jelly Glow blush in two shades- also known as the Dream bouncy blush overseas.
There's also another B.B cream with spf 50 called the B.B White.
Magnum Ultra comb mascara which is different from all the other mascaras and lastly,
the Masteliner White for achieving the doe-eye or wide eye effect.

Jelly Glow blush in no.2!

Jelly Glow blush in no.7!

Clear Smooth B.B White

There was also the Masterliner White and the Magnum Hyper Comb which is my favorite out of all the five products! More details on those after(Or maybe in the next post..)

Afterwards, it was time to eat! Appetizer was soup.

Followed by boneless chicken for the main. It was yummy but...

In reality its actually quite a small portion haha! Nonetheless, quite filling for me.

And ended off with a cake.

A short presentation by Wanton Doodle

He did this by the way. Awesome, isin't he? If only I could doodle as nicely..

And that's about it.
So I'll end off this post with a picture I took with the girls I met at the event!

Me, Jia Xin, Ing Yen and Angeline. Together with Shafreen- Mr Wanton Doodle :D