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Maybelline March/April products

As a continuation on my previous post, here's the 5 new items that's gonna be sold in March/April. I'm going to talk more about those products!
You already know the Jelly Glow blush 02,

And 07,

What I think of the Jelly Glow blush:
✔ I love how they're relatively lightweight and comes in a small packaging which means they're easy to carry around for touch-ups
✔ The formulation is amazing as its so fun to play with the blush! It has this bouncy effect- but it doesn't bounce back to the original shape after you press it. It would stay depress till you press the other side of the blush.
✔ You're able to build on the color and it blends easily. Also, it has a powdery finish after applying.
X I guess some people might be put off that this blush is made mostly from talc! If you don't mind that, then its alright. Side note, some studies have shown that talc is related to ovaries cancer but its mainly due to powered talc- not sure about compressed talc though.
X The packaging is kind of cheap looking. And I don't mind but one of my blush fell out of the pan so....kinda left me with a not so good impression. Though I guess as long as you don't drop it on the floor it should be alright. (I did not drop it on the floor. When I received it, it was already like this.)

The B.B White!

✔ Like most of the B.B cream, it could cover blemishes, pores, brightens up the skin etc.
✔Has a really high spf which is great for people who spend most of their time outdoors
✔ There isin't really a downside to it I guess? Its kind of "watery" as compared to Dr Jart's B.B cream and it blends easily.

Magnum Ultra Comb mascara

✔ I love the unique brush! Its made of rubber and supposedly lengthens the lash without clumping.
It tends to smudge if you apply on too much. By smudge, I meant give you dark rings under your eyes as the colour drops when you blink. Mascara is suppose to be applied after tapping the excess off on a piece of tissue so I guess the smudging could be reduced.

Masterliner white

For lining the lower part of your eyes to brighten it so that you'll have the doe-eye or wide eye effect.
✔ I love how it has a slim liner for easy application as there isin't many white eyeliner available in the market. Furthermore, I've been using NYX Jumbo eye pencil in Milk for lining of my lower lash but its really thick so its quite hard for precision.
✔ Doesn't matter if it smudges since its white in color.
Can't really think of a downside for this but I guess you can't twist it up too high while applying as it might break.

So here is my honest review about the products.
Thanks Maybelline for organising the event!
Have a nice week ahead xoxo