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Angel with a shotgun

It's already the second week of my second ITP and the weekend passed like a blur.
I was really excited since I'm going to see The Cab concert with boyfy! ❤
Started my Saturday with work as usual and then went over to La Senza to collect my iPhone cover. Absolutely adore it! Manage to put it on boyfy's phone though :x I mean, I do use his phone too *shrugs*

Lunched at the Crystal Jade at Takashimaya afterwards as usual- had my fav Ja jiang mian with xiao long bao, shredded pancakes and pork bun! Then it was just shopping around before going over to TAB for the concert at around 6pm.
There was already a queue when we got there and I mistakenly thought the concert started at 7pm when it actually starts at 8pm lol
But it was a good thing we got there early anyway.
Had to wait quite long and my feet were killing me as I was wearing the leather flip flop from work.! ): Nonetheless, the wait was worth it because we got quite near to the stage. Yay!

And The Cab started the concert with Angel with a Shotgun, my fav song!!!! :D
Short story, I remember the first time I heard of the band was when my sister was playing this song and it was really nice so I asked her & she told me the band's name. So I started searching for more songs to listen from the band and boyfy went to get the whole album too. He played it a couple of times and when I found out that The Cab was in Singapore, I HAD to get tickets for both of us. I didn't know that the concert was the last concert that they will be performing in a long while though :/
Honored, nonetheless haha

Alex Marshall, my favorite member of the band! He plays the piano, guitar and does the back up vocals! Truth be told, I really have no idea of the names of the band members until the concert. I'm not a hardcore fan but I really do love their music!

Alexander DeLeon- Lead singer.

There was also Joey Thunder, Frank Sidoris and Dave Briggs. Not going to spam my blog with their photos because I"m pretty sure you can find photos of them online.

Here's just the top two songs that I love from their Symphony Soldier album!
Angel with a shotgun-The Cab

Bad-The Cab

Enjoy! xoxo