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Bella Box March!

It's that time of the month again where Bella Box arrives!
Something to look forward to every month, something better than the other monthly visit.
Imagine my excitement when I saw the parcel on my bed once I got home from work!
I'm blogging about it today, right after I ripped the box open and snapped a few photos as I'm really excited about the products :D
This month round, the theme is "Get Ready to Glow" and the products chosen were all about "glowing and looking your radiant best" as quoted from the Bella Box team message.
As usual, the products are wrapped neatly. I love good presentation.

What's in the box this month!

(Pardon the lighting as its raining outside so its kinda dark)

1. Royal Cosmetics Royal Herb Ex Cream

One of the item that I was looking forward to in this box! Honestly, whenever Bella Box announced that the boxes are shipped out, I would immediately 'google' to see if anyone else received their bellabox yet and see what products I will roughly be getting so as to prepare myself in the event that I won't like the product..which didn't happen so far by the way. I can't stand the suspense!
When I saw this pot of gold in the box from someone else, I was interested to try it out! There are REAL gold flakes in the sample, which claims to increase skin firmness, renewals and illuminates the skin. Made of 100% plant based ingredients and this EX cream claims to be an essential skin renewal formula.
Smells rather like aloe vera, which I like!
Application wise, the gold flakes sort of breaks up to smaller pieces as you rub it on your skin and sort of dissolve into your skin quickly, though not really completely as I can see a couple of tiny speckles of gold still on my finger.
50g of this cost a whopping $268!

2. A'Kin Hand, Nail and Cuticle cream

A hand cream from Australia made from au natural ingredients. Gave this to my mum to put in her bag as I'm currently still using my Soap & Glory skin food. Lavender is a strong dominant smell on its own. A'Kin brand doesn't do animal testing too.

3. Dermalogica multi-active toner

Smells sort of like medicine-ish like a hospital! I don't mind the smell though.
This toner is used to hydrate the skin throughout the day but usually, one would use a toner after removing and cleansing their face from makeup. I have always wanted to try Dermalogicica products for some time too.

4. Caudalie Pulpe Vitaminee Eye & Lip cream

I love how the tip of the sample is really small so that I'm able to dispense only a small amount of product as I only need a tiny bit to cover my eye areas. It's hard for me to detect the smell as I tried putting it on my hand to smell but since I've been wearing gloves the whole day thanks to working in a science lab, my hand just smells like glove *shrugs*
Caudalie products are inspired by the vine as the polyphenols in grape and grapevines had extraordinary anti-oxidant power. Time to start munching on more grapes!(Well, fruits are always good for you)
This is a luxe product from the vines of France that reduces fine lines & wrinkles, lightens dark circles, reduce puffiness and protects the skin from free radicals.
I do see myself using this product often as I have really dark undereye circle and puffiness under my eye.

5. Lus Illuminated lip gloss in Pearl

A lip gloss from Korea. Have I mention how much I love beauty products from Korea? They're so innovative! Last month I got a 2-in-1 eyeshadow/liner pot from Ansley, another korean brand. This month, I received the illuminated lip gloss from Lus!
How different is this lip gloss from others?

It lights up once you twist the top open and facilitates application!
There is also a side mirror on the lip gloss but there was a sticker covering it & I was rubbing my fingers across to try to see if there was anything on it. You have to peel the sticker off from the corner instead! Thanks to a really sweet person for telling me that! haha
So yea, the gloss has a clear mirror at the side to facilitate your application EVEN better!
The shade that I got is Pearl, which is a sheer shimmery pale pink colour.
The gloss smells really nice too, more of a perfume scent rather than edible one.
I'm not really a lip gloss person but I do appreciate such innovative products!
Here's swatches on my lips as applying and with natural lighting respectively.

So that concludes my March Bellabox.
At just $15 per month, I think it's rather worth it!
Hope you'll have a good week ahead xoxo