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Came home to a package from Luxola today!
I've also bought a couple more cosmetics items online recently so I'll do a mini cosmetic haul when those items arrive.

I bought the Sleek blush in Rose Gold and they pop in a free Sleek eyeshadow in Sparkle for me! Don't you just love freebie?

1. Sleek eyeshadow in Sparkle
Sparkle didn't really appeal to me at first in the pan but it applies on beautifully with a shimmery mauve finish. Their eyeshadows have really good pigmentation, not as powerful as the blush but pigmented still.

Moving on to the blush which I have been dying to get since last week! I initially wanted to get my hands on Nars Orgasm but the pricing always puts me off. $40+ for a one colour blush is kind of high despite it being a cult beauty product. When I heard that Sleek has a close dupe for it, I knew I had to get my hand on the dupe!
Sleek is a well known cosmetic brand from the UK and I don't know why but I didn't stock up on their items while I was there last year. Hmm.

2. Sleek blush in Rose Gold

I would say that Rose Gold is the most gorgeous blush I've ever seen! It is close dupe for Nars Orgasm, slightly more shimmery than it too but nonetheless, still mesmerizing in its own ways. Rose gold is a peachy pink colour with gold slightly iridescent highlights in it. It is also highly pigmented, which means a little bit of it goes a long way. Pictures does no justice to it!

Trying to get the glitters to show up...

Swatch of Sleek Rose Gold blush

Best news? All you have to do is to click here to get a free $10 store credit to spend on your first order at Luxola! No minimum purchase is required.
However, for items that are less than $20SGD, I think you won't be able to get the full $10 credit as the blush was initially $14 but I got it for $7 instead since they only let me use up $7 store credit from my $10 store credit.
Still, $7SGD for a Sleek blush is a really good deal as it was originally around USD6.50 or 4.30pounds?

I have to say, I love company with good service especially when delivering my items! Luxola not only offer free NEXT DAY delivery, they would also send you a text to let you know when they are delivering your items to you! (In addition to giving you a free item hehe)
I am currently eyeing the Original i-divine Sleek palette now. Would definitely place another order soon!