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New hair + Titanic @ MBS!

Got my hair done at Essensuals Bugis yesterday!
My hair used to be long enough that it touched my butt but now it just hits my waist so almost half(okay not really, but it feels like half) of it is snipped off. Had to stand up while getting my hair cut instead cause it was long! Most of my hair is the same length instead of a "v" shape now. Also, I got my hair parting to be changed to a middle parting instead of a side to balance my high cheekbone better. It still looks like a side parting from this angle though :/I just realise that this was my hairstyle back in Secondary one lol
Boyfy commented that I look like a 16 year old instead of 19 now orz
Been going to Bugis for three days consecutively. I absolutely love the Lemon ice jelly drink from I Love Taimei! Got the tofu fries and fried chicken too~ Can't get enough of the drink!
Went back to Essensuals again today as my sister wanted to get her hair done. Zoe did my hair yesterday and today, she did my sister's hair! She thought I was 20+ haha Went to walk around bugis with boyfy while waiting for my sister, ended up walking over to Tom's palette for ice cream. We got pink guava(for me) and Granny's favorite(for him)!

Went to MBS for the Titanic exhibition in the early afternoon today before going over to bugis. Finally!
Been telling boyfy about this since a couple of weeks back but we were too busy to go due to work/exams.
I have always been obsessed about the Titanic ever since watching the movie, I love the movie even though its just made up and when I was little, I used to keep singing "My heart will go on" just cause I love the movie ._. I have also been curious about what happen to the Titanic, why it became such a tragic disaster, who managed to survive and how does the actual fleet looks like!
Anyway. We got boarding pass!

And I was this rich gentleman with a wife while Boyfy was another gentleman. Both of us were travelling first class.

The exhibition was really nice! Even though it was quite short (in my opinion), but I love how they re-created the outdoor deck with the stars, the corridor of the first class and third class rooms etc. I especially love the room with the iceberg in it, you could feel the temperature of how the people in the Titanic disaster feel like in the cold. My hands started shivering in about 5 seconds when I placed it in a hole in the iceberg!
Kind of tragic how most of them died due to hypothermia instead of drowning...
And of course, there were other factors too, like not enough lifeboats etc.
At the end, there are 4 lists of people in order of their classes and you could check to see if you survived the disaster or got lost!
Both of us survived! Yay!
Its definitely a must-see if you're a Titanic fan!!!

Time to get my well deserve rest before the start of ITP tomorrow. In a way, I'm kind of excited to start with formulating but at the same time, I'm kind of dreading it as I have plenty of things to do this week apart from ITP so time is really precious for me. Looking forward to next weekend though, gonna watch The Cab concert with my boy!