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Gonna blog about Nuffnang 5th birthday bash now! I'm finally done with all my exams. One more year to go before graduating! Also, another round of ITP starts next week. I'm really excited because I got attached to a Japanese company locally and I'm going to be doing formulation(finally)! Really glad that I got what I requested. Wheee~

Actually, I'm feeling kind of lazy as its been a long day for me so its just gonna be caption and photo for this post.

Cabbed down to Swissotel Stanford for Nuffnang's 5th birthday bash on Monday. It's still exam week but I deserve to relax & rewind, don't I? ^^

It was held at Equinox level 69 private function room...

With a magnificent view of the city just beside us!

Since I was there really early, I manage to take pictures with some other famous bloggers who were also early, with good natural lighting. Yay!
With Xiaxue

Valerie, also known as Dweam~

Made a couple of new friends who were sitting at the same table as me.
With Szeki,


Hui Ping, she lives quite near me so we shared a cab after the event hehe


And Nicholas. He's quite tall so I had to ask him to bend down to take photo with me :x

Dinner was buffet style!

My undying love for sushi will never fade away. It will continue to burn as strongly as the sun (wtf)

Best dessert/cake ever from Humble Beginnings! Someone please remind me to bring a container to tabao the remaining next time.

First plate for me! You can never go wrong with sushi, prawns and strawberries.

Second plate! Tried one of each item haha The smoked salmon was my fav from this plate.

So while everyone was getting their food, I kind of ambushed Yutaki and ask him for a photo LOL. But a fangirl got to do, what a fangirl needs to do- Take picture with their idol! I love his blog and all his pictures, you should definitely check out His pictures all damn chio please.

Stand up comedy by Chua Enlai too. Absolutely love him in The Noose! He was playing out his Thai character from The Noose.

With Marco! He's also at the same table as me. Was wearing my sister's A/X prom dress that night since the dress code is Classy.

Ambushed Yutaki again when he was playing with the props with Sophie haha!
Cause the previous photo I took with him was quite blur.

I also took photo with Sophie but I don't look good so I'm not posting it up. Shes so gorgeous that I feel inferior just being 5km away haha No, seriously.

Headed home with a goodie bag from Nuffnang. I was super delighted to find a Churpie in it!!!! :D
I'm also happy to have another travel size bottle of Bifesta makeup remover. Its the BEST makeup remover I've ever tried!

Thanks Nuffnang for the invitation!!!