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Organizing my makeup!

Caught The Hunger Games with boyfy last Sunday! And for the weekdays, I have been busy at work or rolling about at home watching DVDs. Borrowed a couple of them each day with Clarissa since we're on a DVD-frenzy. Went down to NUS yesterday for the bazaar to support my fav blogshop too! Got home with 3 tops and blew a total of $60. Kinda ex for a bazaar least cheaper than getting them online!

Woke up to two small packages today. First one was my waffle weave makeup bag which I got from Glitzyglam! I got the one with a light pink base and lilac font. The packaging is really sweet.

Has my name on it! And it's reaaaaally big so I love it. I could stuff a whole lot of cosmetics in it!

Plus, it has a lilac with pink polka dot ribbon at the side too.

Another package I got was my order from Ebay, which I purchased two DollyWink eyeliner for Mummy dear! She has been using my brown liner for quite some time so I decided to get one in each color for her. Dollywink eyeliner is THE BEST I've ever used and really easy to apply on too!

Anyway, so I finally got about to organizing my cosmetics today since the huge makeup bag finally arrived. The previous makeup bag that I have was too small for my expanding cosmetic collection (See the size difference? It's already bursting!)

I know I don't really have a lot of cosmetics because I tend to stick to neutral shades since I'm in the "Gyaru makeup" phase now.

Here's how it looks like after I'm done organizing! I put my sleek blush and kate eyebrow kit at the front, follow by my Naked palette and then the rest of the stuff. At the small compartment at the back, I put my eyeliners, primers and falsies glue- the items that I would use every time so it's easier for me to get them. I'm really happy that theres still so much space left! Could only mean one thing....I can buy more cosmetics till it's filled to the brim! :D
One thing that I adore about this makeup bag is that the inner surface is waterproof so it is really easy to clean up if there's a spillage with one of the products.

And using one of the Bellabox's box that I have, I put in those cosmetics that I don't use that often like bronzers and eyeshadows. Yay to recycling!

So yes, since this space is kinda empty, I might as well update with a useless post.