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Pro Academy

Got up early & took a day off from work to attend an event at Pro Academy a couple of days back. Was pleasantly surprise that Anna was going to be there too! Didn't see that girl since last year. Saw her once I reached and we waited for the rest of the bloggers to arrive before heading over!
Pro Academy is located at Tanjong Pagar, exit A just next to Orchid Hotel. Just a stone throw away and relatively easy to find!

Pro academy was establish in late 2012 and it is a school that offers a variety of certificate and diploma level courses for beauty, nail, makeup, body work and they're going to start with a course for hair care too!
If you're interested to know more about Pro academy, head over to

A quick look at the schedule planned for us that day! Aromatherapy workshop in the morning, follow by lunch and then a Makeup workshop.

Rummaging through the goodie bag once it caught my eyes! Travel size of makeup products from Make Up For Ever, a sample size of firming cream and a couple of serums/creams from Dalton.

With Anna!

Started the day with the "Scent of Beauty" workshop! It covers an introduction to Aromatherapy, essential oils and their uses, the different skin types, aromatherapy skin care products and how different essentials oils suit different skin type and also, you'll get to bring home your very own Facial serum oil!

Here are just some of the carrier oils available for you to try out.

And of course, not forgetting the wide array of essential oils! Most of them were really familiar to me as they were covered in my fragrance courses in school.

Cedric Chow was the trainer for the "Scent of Beauty" workshop. He is a member of the Register of Qualified Aromatherapists(UK) since 1998 and an International Federation of Aromatherapists certified principal tutor of Aromatherapy since 2005. Any questions regarding the different types of essential oils and their properties can be directed at him! He definitely knows his stuff.

Gave us smelling strips to see which scent we like/dislike. Reminds me of my fragrance module yet again, all the lesson spent of smelling the smelling strips and preparing for smelling test!

We could make our own facial serum at the end of the workshop! Mixing the ingredients and essential oils together into our own bottle. Before that, we were told which essential oils were more suitable for our skin type! Take for example, acne prone skin should have Tea tree oil in their serum while combination skin should have lime oil etc. I went with ylang ylang and lime, mainly because I really like the combination and also it suits my skin type!

My facial serum that I made!

Anna making her serum!

The array of essential oils for us to play with.

[If you're interested to attend the "Scents of Beauty" workshop, it's $48.00SGD per participant(min 3 for class to commence). It is a two hour workshop that include hands on practice and a d.i.y facial serum. To book, call 65348298 or email !]

Afterwards it was time for lunch! Buffet spread for us! I was starving & I love the sight of the glorious food that greeted me hehe

Star of the day has to be the branded tofu. (Inside joke lol)

My plate! I ate quite a lot that day. Best part? They have chilled barley too!!!!! I'm obsessed about cold barley please. My favorite cold drink in the entire world. I love those where they brewed the barley instead of those synthetic package ones.

"Makeup styles & Trend" workshop commence after lunch.

Each of us have our own "vanity" table to do our makeup.

Remember the Make Up For Ever travel size products that were in the goodie bag? We could use it during this workshop. But I didn't because I didn't remove my makeup.

Our makeup trainer was Cheryl Ow! She was a freelance makeup up artist for Make Up For Ever and she also travelled to Paris to further enhance her skills. I really love her eye makeup for that day.

During the 2 hour workshop, she covered Spring 2012 face, lips, eye shadow technique(how to wear bold makeup colors!), eyeliner technique and lashes style.

Afterwards, it was hand on session for us! We could remove our makeup to try out what she taught but I didn't remove mine since I had plans after the workshop so I kind of "perfected" my makeup before I left house.
Also due to a couple of personal (ridiculous) reasons like, I didn't bring my translucent powder out and I don't put foundation since it makes me look yellowish. That's just me anyway.
[Registration for this workshop is the same as the previous one]

Overall, both workshops were really fun!
Made a few friends too! Hopefully I'll be able to see them again haha
I really enjoyed myself. Thanks Nuffnang and Pro Academy!^^

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