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I've been sick!

I guess it never hurts to look back every once in a while.

I've been sick the past couple of days, too tired to stand up or move or eat!
Manage to lose a couple of kgs since my weight is now 41kg but I'm expecting it to go back to the normal 44 once I fully recover & resume eating as usual.
It's really hard surviving on plain porridge only.. I miss all the glorious yummy food the world holds for me *sheds tear

Anyway, found a couple of food pictures on my phone so I'm gonna do an update on that.
I'm working on a few product reviews too but that would have to wait till I get my new toy(I think)!

Baked apple tart a long time back by just eyeball-ing everything & it turned out rather yummy for first try! The apple was really sweet and juicy..I chose granny smith apples, slice them to thin slices but I guess I should have removed the skins next time. Sprinkle brown sugar and chunks of butter on the apple and then baked it with the tart. Baked it for 30 mins but I'll try it with 20 next time.

Curry rice dinner with JCC peeps two weeks? last week? I can't remember. Coco-ichibanya curry house has really yummy curry rice! The portion is huge too. Plus, you could choose the portion of rice and level of spiciness for the curry.

Saw this ramen house at Holland V the other day so got dinner there. It's those ramen house where they'll give you a bowl of sesame seeds to grind while waiting for your ramen. Taste wise it was quite alright. Been planning to go to another ramen house at CBD area though..hopefully soon! Heard that it's really yummy!!

Texas chicken when I was at Tampines for lunch and man, this was the best fast food fried chicken I ever tasted. LOVE IT. And craving for it again too. I heart the honey biscuit too!!!

Not forgetting, my fav snack that my sister got home! I prefer this to any other flavors of Kit-kat, including the Sakura matcha one because that leaves me with scratchy throat! Pure matcha is the best.

That concludes my update. Sleepytime now.