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Wild Honey + Itacho

On Sunday, le boyfy & I decided to go for brunch at Wild Honey.
Had to wait for quite a long time before we got seats! We went to the outlet at Mandrain Gallery.
So here's what we had. It was kinda pricey but I guess most brunch places are like that?
Hot chocolate to start the day! Hehe My fav breakfast drink.

The Canadian set for me. Consist of 3 pancakes, berry compote and bacon.
Honestly, I think that the perfect breakfast would be pancakes with loads of maple syrup and thick slabs of butter together with some bacon at the side and maybe some scramble egg. This was enough to satisfy my pancakes cravings nonetheless, though I would have prefer to see slabs of butter on it too.

Boyfy's Belgium set because he wanted waffles!
Tasted nice too but I will always prefer pancakes over any breakfast food

Then at night, I treated my family for dinner at Itacho sushi!
Started with some grilled salmon...

Followed by the best sushi ever-Mango rolls and salmon rolls

And passionfruit green tea to share with my sister

Some udon which was kinda plain? It came with a vege cake! There was another bowl and more sushi but everyone gobbled them up before I remembered my camera

And since the mango rolls are seriously the best sushi ever, we got another two more servings. Look at the goodness. Gosh.

Total bill was around $80 but it was really worth it!

My brother wanted desserts so we went to my fav ice cream place, Marble Slab Creamery!
Got Vanilla + Sweet cream ice cream with Strawberries and marshmallows while my siblings got some chocolate and birthday cake mix. Yums!

That's basically my Sunday. I do spend most of my time eating
/hopeless shrug