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Bellabox May

So recently, I received my May Bellabox since it's the time of the month again!
This month's goodies came in a Bellabox bag instead of the usual pink box, which I thought was a good idea though I can't think of anything to store in that bag yet.
The theme for the month is "Pamper yourself, pamper your mum!" and it's appropriate because I ended up keeping only 2 items for myself and giving the rest to my mummy.
I didn't find anything that really stood out for me in this month's box though.

1. Essential Damage Care Nuance Airy Shampoo and Conditioner
I have tried this before during my trip oversea last year and I do love the smell of the product. However, I feel like their hair mask are a better find since it's pretty amazing! I recommended it to Clarissa and she loves the hair mask too!

2. Macadamia Natural Oil
This item clams to nourish and rejuvenate(I love this word!) for that ultra-smooth, manageable and shiny hair. It kind of smells like sour plum to me! I don't really like the bottle though because it is hard for me to apply the product on my hair unless I were to pour it out or something...and since it's an oil, pouring out too much would be oily :/ I kept this for myself and I have been using it everyday for 3 days now so I'll safely say that I like this product (:
3. Candydoll Powder Foundation, Liquid foundation and makeup base samples
Was kinda bummed that this came in samples instead of the actual product. I'm looking forward to trying the Powder foundation samples though and maybe the makeup base but the liquid foundation is a definite no for me. Kept this for myself!

4. Elizabeth Arden Ceramide Gold Ultra Restorative Capsules
Gave this to my mummy because it supposedly "restore youthful cushion and ageless skin while visibly fading age spots.." She commented that it smells like olive oil haha

5. Enavose Cellogist Youth Guard Cream
Another product that I gave to my mummy too! It won a couple of awards last year so I figured it must be good right?

That's all for my May Bellabox but before I end this post, I have another item to show you guys and it's the Twistbands! I finally manage to get my hand on them after dropping by the Bellabox office yesterday for their Spring event. The bands are gorgeous- be it the feel, how they tie around my hair or resting around my wrist. I'm in love with the light pink one!

I also stopped by the Shiseido office because they were having a sale so I wanted to check out if there's anything I could get.
Ended up getting 5 items- Senscience Inner Balance Deep moisturizing conditioner, a MJ lip gloss in PK102, 2 MJ eye reset gel and an Aqualabel makeup remover.
I'm currently using Senscience Balance Shampoo and conditioner and I love it! Though the Inner balance range doesn't smell as good but it works well. My fav purchase has got to be the lip gloss though because the color is just soooo pretty!

I've never tried any MJ products before though. And since I bought an extra MJ eye reset gel....I'm going to be giving one away!
All you have to do is to fill in the form below and if the random number that you chose tally with the number that I have in my mind(or closest to it! Hint: It's a positive number LOL), you'll get the MJ eye reset gel with a few other samples/items that I'll throw in too! (:
Good luck!