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Soap and Glory haul

While I was in Oxford (has it already been 8 months?! Photos taken all from Oxford by the way), I stumbled across Soap and Glory products in Boots and everyone knows I'm a sucker for the color pink thus their pink packaging won my heart over. I've heard of this brand before but didn't have the chance to try it in Singapore then.
Manage to get a whole lot of Soap and glory products back since there was a 3 for 2 offer in Boots the whole time I was there! Boots was like the equivalent of Watsons in Singapore, I guess? (If only Watsons has those 3 for 2 offers...)

 1. Fab pore hot cloth cleanser
I do need a good cleanser and this looks like it could be a potential dupe for the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser that I was eyeing for a really long time. I didn't manage to get the Liz Earle one while I was in London though
but then again, since the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser is a cult beauty product, nothing could be compared to that!I only used this twice but I didn't really like the product..I feel like the cleanser was too creamy for my liking but I'm gonna give this another few more tries.

2. Feel good factor Facial moisture lotion
I use this as an everyday sunscreen and I do love the texture of this product! It sort of has this rubbing feel to it and doesn't leave my face shiny like other actual sunscreen. Only downside was that I wasn't found of the smell (personal preference, don't judge!) so I switched to using my Clarins Whiteplus emulsion instead. However, if I do need more UV protection that day, I would use this as it was spf 25 as oppose to 20 for Clarins.

3. Sit tight
As amusing as this sounds like, it clams that you only need to apply it regularly and then sit down for firm legs! (Firming. NOT slimming) The reason why you have to sit down is because the heat would activate some miracle stuff in this product for it to work. I must admit, I tried it once and it WORKS. I'm not sure if it's psychological thinking or the product but  I'm definitely trying it again once I get over the smell. It smells kinda medicinal to me and feels kinda sticky once you apply it on. Then again, it says you have to sit down for long hours and I don't really do that since I'm always out and about.
One problem that I have is applying it because I tend to use a little bit of product instead of lathering half the tube so it's kinda hard for me to distribute it evenly on my legs. But wait!
There's a new product called the Sit Tight XS which was launch recently in the UK, featuring a roller ball massage tool for application! All I can say is...damn.

4. The scrub of your life
"...the bumps are gone from the back of your arms.." *grabs product off the shelf*
I. Love. This. It's a body scrub with pink beads and it foams gently too! I do have bumps on the back of my arms, I know it a common problem for girls who wear sleeveless top regularly and not much can be done about it except to tone the bumps down. This product didn't completely take the bumps away but I do notice an improvement after using it. I also use it on my elbows, ankles, feet etc. whenever I feel the need to.

5. Heel genius
Another awesome product from Soap and glory, it's a green cream that smells really nice! Don't let the color put you off though because this product works really well for your feet after a day of walking. I gave this to Mummy dear and she loves it too! It really does make your feet softer after applying it and the results are instant.

6. Catch a wrinkle in time
Got this for my grandmum! Didn't really try it since I'm only 19 this year ._.

7.Trick and treatment

I suffer from heavy panda eyes. And I mean, literally panda eyes. I feel like I could have been a vampire or something my past life because it won't go away regardless of how many eye creams I use! I do need something to conceal the dark circles before brightening up the area under my eyes.

This has tiny specks of gold in it and it's more of a brightening product as oppose to a conceal and brightening one. It doesn't really work for me like I hoped it would. Still a good product nonetheless.

8. Solar powder

When I got this, it didn't come with a brush. They do sell it with the brush here in SG though.
It's a bronzer and the SG is suppose to be a highlighter. I've never tried this yet since I gave it to my sister but it looks really promising since you could mix the shade up to match your skin color or maybe a tone darker for contouring.

9. Righteous butter

MAXIMUM LOVE. If I only had to get one product from Soap and glory, I would totally grab this! I've never been a fan of body butter because they do leave my skin feeling sticky and the weather over here in Singapore is really humid. In UK, it was really cold so I had to use a body butter if not my skin would be dry. I love it in the UK, I love rubbing it on my arms, legs etc. before going to sleep and I love the smell of this too. I brought back a huge tub of this to SG and initially, Mummy dear laugh and said that SG is too humid for body butters. She changed her mind after giving this a try though because this product just sinks in after a while and there isin't the sticky feeling at all! I would say this cult product definitely leave up to it's name!!!
Just go get this. You won't regret it.

10. Hand food (Soap and glory hand cream)
I don't have a picture of this because I got the hand cream on the last few days before leaving UK but it has become an essential for me to bring whenever I go to school. I have lab practical lessons which requires me to wear gloves and the hand cream does wonders and make my hand smell nice again. Only downside is that it doesn't have anti-bacterial properties, I would really love to see Soap and glory coming up with anti-bacterial hand creams like the ones Bath and Body works have. (Will compare this and the BBW anti-bac hand cream when it arrives)

11. Glad hair day / Flake away / Righteous butter

They also have travel size products and I got the Glad Hair day conditioner, Flake away and another Righteous butter for myself to use while I was there.
My hair was really dry and frizzy in UK and I needed a stronger conditioner than the Essentials one that I brought over. Sad to say, this conditioner didn't work well for me so I ended up getting American dream from Lush to use. However, I do love the smell of the Glad hair day conditioner! It sort of smells like mango and lychee to me. Mmm.
On a side note, I found the half empty tube of this recently and am starting to use it again. The conditioner still couldn't compare to the one that I'm using at home but it still smells as good as ever.
Flake away is a lot harsher than Scrub of your life but it does leave a thin moisturizing layer on your skin after washing it off. I don't particularly love this product... it exfoliates nicely but at the same time, I'm having my eye on The Breakfast scrub which I feel would work better? Not to mention it smells like Oatmeals and pancakes.
You know how I'm like with pancakes (;