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Bellabox June!

Another month, another box has arrived!
I'm always looking forward to Bellabox because I know that they are constantly sourcing out new items for us to try out and the best part, they are ALWAYS finding ways to improve and make getting the Bellabox experience even better.
This month they have changed their delivery service and I was really glad that they did! For the past couple of months, I had to go down to the post office to get my box because my doorbell didn't work and the lazy postman only rang the doorbell instead of shouting "Postman" like the previous postman! Thus, he assumed nobody was home and sent my box to the post office so far away.
This time round, I received a call on my phone from the delivery woman telling me that my box has arrived outside my doorstep! Thus I can save the hassle of travelling to the post office. Yay!

This month's box contains 8 items in total instead of the usual 5! I would say it is probably because there wasn't any full size product in this box but the samples were really well selected as they are from well known brands.

We have an assortment of Kiehl's, Lancome, Shu Uemura, Biotherm and Ralph Lauren.

Here's the rundown on the products:

1. Lancome Genefique
One of the most "talk about" product nowadays! I keep hearing different company or places giving out Genefique samples but I've never really agreed on getting one because to me, it seems like one of those anti-aging products.

2. Lancome Blanc Expert
This one I absolutely love! Smells "expensive" plus leaves my skin looking so flawless when I wake up! It stimulates the dermal cells to produce new collagen which give our skin elasticity, reduce melanin production which means it makes you look fairer! I'm crazy over such products.

3. Shu Uemura skin white efficient cleansing oil
Been hearing raves about Shu Uemura cleansing oil for quite some time but I've never really had the heart to buy it. Getting a sample size for this is just what I wanted! (Thanks Bellabox!!!!) It brightens your skin as it cleans, I'm guessing it works the same way as Bifesta bright up?

4. Kiehl's calendula herbal-extract toner
Smells a little like chrysanthemum to me but it's just a good product on my skin! I use it after I removed my makeup and before the Lancome Blanc Expert. Dries fairly quickly too! This helps to soothes the skin and maintains the pH of the skin. I'm really glad this came in the box :D

5. Ralph Lauren Romance
"Romance embodies the pure and refined feelings of a woman in love"
It's a nice scent but a tad bit too strong for me. I tend to prefer light weight scent with more floral and fruity notes in them.

6. Biotherm White D-tox BB cream
This BB cream supposedly provides full coverage for 24hours and maintain the hydration on your skin! It claims that with repeated usage, it will improve the look of your skin. We shall see! The color of the BB cream is kinda dark but it blend into my skin effortlessly and sort of turns into my skin color!

7. Kiehl's midnight recovery concentrate
This product repairs the skin as your sleep and it contains Squalane, primrose and Lavender essential oil. The lavender scent is dominant! I've never tried this yet but I do smell it before I go to sleep. Never underestimate the scent of essential oil. Ever heard of aromatherapy?

8. Biotherm Lait corporel body moisturizer
I would say I was least impress with this product. I guess part of it was the citrus smell and that it didn't really appeal to me. I do prefer my Soap and Glory body butter more than this in terms of using it as a body moisturizer though.

So if you have been reading my past few posts, you'll realise that the photos now have date and time on them. That is because my parents went oversea and they took my camera along so J lent me his DSLR to take photos for my blog posts! Thank you so much! I'm really grateful for all the awesome people in my life *shed tears of joy*