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The Dictator (Review)

On the 6th of June, I was invited to the movie screening of The Dictator, which is a hilarious fictional story about Admiral General Aladeen(played by Sacha Baron Cohen), the leader of the Republic of Wadiya.
This movie is about Aladeen wanting to maintain his powers while the UN security council threatens him for  the nuclear weapons programme in his country. A day after he arrived in America, he was kidnapped and "disfigured" by a hitman so that nobody would recognized him  and replaced by his double - an evil plan concocted by his uncle Tamir who was the "rightful" leader of Widaya and wanted to sell the country's oil for more money.
Aladeen then tries to find a way back to power with the help of a former scientist of Widaya and an American social activist(played by the lovely Anna Farris) which he mistook for a boy instead of a girl as she didn't have the hour-glass dimension of the girls that Aladeen usually associate himself with.
The movie did touch briefly on the difference of the democracy and dictatorship of ruling a country by comparing Widaya and America. And if you think that this movie is a boring social commentary, I assure you, that is far from the truth!
We were showered with absolutely funny racist, sexist, not to mention sometimes vulgar, humor that is genuinely funny instead of horribly gross throughout the entire movie right till the end!

he Dictator is rated M18 and it is already out in cinemas!
Remember to catch it if you're looking for a comedy movie or a little pick-me-up!

(First photo inspired by the this movie poster! Pardon my messy hair though)

Thanks for the invite!