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Domino's anytime, anywhere Party!

Have you download the Domino's Pizza iphone app yet?

I was recently invited to the launch party for the Domino's pizza iphone app. I present to you, the glorious spread of food laid out for us to enjoy at the start of the event!

More about the iPhone app which is Domino's pizza latest development for expanding their ordering platform.

So if you haven't found Domino's app yet, all you got to do is to search "Domino's SG" in the app store and download it.
(Yes, I'm a SP student which is why I have the SP mobile app)

When you click on the app, you get to this page where you can see the highlights of the day as well as the deals, a la carte items etc. I'm pretty sure it's kind of obvious on what to do next!
For example, I wanted to check out Domino's Deal so I'll just press that option

When I get to the next page, I'll select the deal that I want and a pop-up will appear letting me know what's in the deal that I selected! I find this kinda cute since it's so informative hehe

Afterwards, you'll just set your delivery time, confirm your address and then track your pizza- the same steps as if you were to order online! You also get a free side with every order by shaking the 'dice' that appear when you're prompted after confirming your address and payment!
I ordered the Cheese Overload Meal for my mini pizza gathering last night while I was on my way home!
It came with two regular pizza which I got the Hawaiian and Classified Chicken. There was also a chocolate lava cake(Absolutely love this!) and breadstix!!! Free item that I got was the twisty bread.
Might I just add that my new favorite pizza is now the Classified Chicken! Taste damn nice, if you haven't tried it yet...please do!

Domino's pizza also has free delivery and the nett pricing!
Back to the event:
The lady in charge showed us the steps and really ordered the pizza to further prove her point! It only took about 1 min to complete the entire order!
So since Domino's pizza has a 30 mins delivery policy, we were invited to get on the ferris wheel for a ride while waiting for the pizza to arrive!
Premium Guest yo *flicks hair*

The Domino's capsule!

With Noelle and Miranda, my buddies :D I've met Miranda previously at one of the Maybelline event so I was really glad and surprise when I saw her again!
Miranda makes youtube video by the way! And if you ever wanted to see me in a video, I suggest you check out her blog because there's a short video of us in it.
The last time I went on the ferris wheel was when I was on the London Eye....alone on my London trip *sobs
Feel free to read about that here
Just enjoying the view~ 

When we touchdown and went back to the event room, the pizza had already arrived!
To officially 'close' the Domino's app event was this walking iphone with the Domino's app. How appropriate!

Afterwards, Domino also invited us for a second round of dinner at the Sports Bar where they served buffet style food.

Was too full from the pizza that I only got desserts and chicken wing.

Big thanks to Domino's pizza for organizing the event.
And also, for the quirky gift!

Thanks for the invitation too *big hugs*