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Eyelash extension (Review)

It's the first week of my three week break now and I've been enjoying my freedom as much as I could!
Went to get eyelash extension yesterday with my cousin. Been wanting to do this for quite a long time and when I finally got it done....I dislike it!

Sure, my lashes are now long and pretty and thick when I wake up. I don't have to put on eyeliner or spend a long time trying to stick on false lashes whenever I'm going out. I could save time! BUT. I don't have perfect eyesight. I wear specs at home..or as often as I can because honestly I don't really like to wear contact lens. With the extensions, it's really hard for me to wear my specs properly as the lash would hit the lens of my spectacles!
So I now have to wear my specs a little lower and tilt my head back a little bit because I don't have a high enough nosebridge to support my specs if I want to avoid hitting the lash. It's annoying!
Not only that, I can't even wash my face properly now because I have to be careful about the lashes! To those girls that does eyelash extension regularly, tell me, HOW YOU WASH YOUR FACE?!?!
It's like I have to split washing my face to two parts. First to wash the area below my eyes. Then the area above my eyes and my nose line.
My eyelid feels heavy now, sort of like when I put on false lashes but with false lashes, at least I can remove it when I'm done so my eyelid would be normal again. With extensions, I have to deal with this 24/7 till the extension starts to drop off in a few weeks time!

The process:
To tell you the truth, I've never really given much thought to the process nor did I do any research prior to getting my extensions done. So I don't really know what to expect when I'm lying down on the bed at the shop waiting for the lady to do my lash.
She placed this plastic thing below my eyes to prevent the lash gel (that she use for extension) from touching my bottom lashes. Afterwards, she slowly attach the lashes one by one starting from the outer corner and working her way inwards. The gel smelled really strong and suffocating actually, I was trying hard not to breathe it in as much as I could.
I'm not sure what else she did because I couldn't really see but at the end when she was done, she tried opening my eyes to see if the gel went to the bottom lashes. Sadly, it did! So she had to cut the gel that's between my upper and lower lash line. I could feel her scissors cutting in front of my eyeballs and it was so gross! When I could open my eyes, she told me to hold this mini fan in front of my face so that the gel would dry faster. It STUNG like someone poured chili into my eyes! I asked her about it and she said it's normal as the gel isin't fully dried yet. So I place the fan in front for a couple of mins. The stinging only went off around 15mins later for me.
The end product was thick, hard lashes which didn't seem normal to me even though I requested for normal looking lash with a bit of volume. Oh wells.

As much as I'm complaining about my extension, I do think that it's also partly of the quality of the lash and the place that you get the extension done at. Let's say you were to go to an "atas" place to get the extension done. I would think that the lash would be of a better quality and the workmanship would also be much better. I got my lash extension done at a regular shop at FEP so that could partly be the reason why it's giving me trouble since...what you pay is what you get right?
All these being said, the only reason that I like the extension is that my double eyelid could be seen more clearly now! I'll probably remove the extension off next week though.

Never gonna complain about my short lash ever again! Haha