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Totally random post

When was the last time you are happy with your life?

I guess if you have been following my tweets, you would know that I have been a teeny weeny bit upset and depressed lately, partly because I had received a very good opportunity but I had to turn it down due to some reasons...and then the feedback that I got from the "reasons" sort of made me even more upset as it was really ridiculous and I honestly don't want to talk about it. It's okay if you don't understand what I'm talking about :D
I'm so thankful that the company understands though *smiles* I'm really thankful for all the opportunities that I got from the company as well, ever since two years back? Or was it only a year?! How time flies!
But I'm back to feeling like my usual self again now after doing some food shopping in town last night ^^  The food that I've been filling my stomach with recently is amazing and good food always puts me in a good mood! I live to eat.
I would also like to thank those people that constantly ensures that I'm alright, cheering me up or having me in your thought. I feel so blessed! Thank you so much for supporting me in the things that I do, for being there for me, doing things to make me know who you are ❤ 

Recently I'm just so grateful for everything that's happening in my life and honestly, I never would have thought such things would happen. I have been so busy lately but I love love LOVE(cannot emphasize enough!) everything that I am doing!
Even though a new school term is here, I feel like I have accomplished so much in the past three weeks of holidays...getting to meet some amazing bloggers, attending events and not forgetting, working in the arts field! Looking forward for more events to come.
I'm just so excited about the next few days and even though I have been sleeping around 2am for the past week, I really feel so motivated about my life!
I could start saving whales or turtles!...Okay not really but I would if I'm presented with this opportunity. No wonder some people like to do good deeds.
It makes you feel better about yourself, honestly.

And if you need people to save the whales or turtles or dolphins, let me know. I'll be more than willing to help!

So many things to look forward to this year.
Bring on all the good stuff!