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July Bellabox!

To tell the truth, I think that the hype for beauty boxes is settling down and it doesn't really appeal to me as much as it did initially. Probably due to the fact that there is a price increase so I'm still on the fence on whether to stop my subscription or not.
That being said, I do enjoy the surprise in my box this month!

I have always wanted to give SK-II skincare a try but the hefty price tag puts me off. A sample of their famous Facial treatment essence was kindly included in the box together with the facial cleanser, cellumination mask-in lotion and Deep surge EX. I have been using the Facial treatment essence and Deep surge EX religiously for the past few days and it feels so good on my skin!

A neon twistband was also included and I loved twistbands because they don't tug at my hair like other rubber bands. However, after using the ones I bought previously for a couple of times, it started to wear out and loose much of the elasticity....which made it work like any other rubber band. So I am glad that they gave me another one in this month's box!

I adore the Jimmy Choo perfume! It smells girly, sexy and sweet yet not too cloying at the same time. Been alternating with this and Dolly Girl Bonjour L'Amour by Anna Sui recently. I'll probably get the big bottle when I'm done with this sample vial.

Heard so much hype about the Skinmiso blackhead patch. I don't really love it that much? I have only used it once though. The first patch was the one that supposedly removed blackheads and I had to leave it on for 10 mins or so. The second patch contained this essence for the skin after removing the first one and it STUNG me so badly, I couldn't even tolerate leaving it on for another 10mins that I took it off after a while. Actually I was afraid that it would give me outbreaks due to incompatibility with my skin type. I do see a tiny bit of improvement on my nose but other than that, I kind of wish it didn't hurt that much.

Lastly, the kind team from Bellabox also included a small sample of Organix Brazillian Keratin therapy shampoo and condition. I'm not a fan of the smell of coconut so I don't really use this as much but they also had a small sample of the Moroccan Argan oil that I put in a little container to use. It smells really good and leave my hair feeling nice! Would definitely purchased that when I'm done with the sample.

Overall I do find that for $15 a month, the beauty box would be really worth it. After the price increase to $19.95 a month, it's starting to feel a little pricey so I think I might just wait for the surprise to be released before deciding if I should get the box.