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TDF blogger-exclusive workshop!

Every girl wants their skin to be perfect. Guys too, actually! It may seem far-fetch for some who have current existing skin conditions however, with the right product and skincare routine, I do believe that everyone can get the flawless skin you desire!

Recently I was invited to the TDF blogger-exclusive workshop held at The Showroom.

TDF stands for Therapeutic Dermatologic Formula, which is established in 1994 with products made in USA. They are the pioneer in efficacious AHA formulations and this brand is usually recommended by medical professionals!
First up was a talk by Dr Calvin Chan on Acne: Causes, Cures and Prevention.
To summarize, acne is usually cased by an overproduction of sebum which clog your pores and attract bacteria and become inflamed. In order to treat acne, you have to reduce the bacteria, remove the dead skin cells and control sebum production. Some topical treatments and skin care would include using AHA wash, antibac lotion or Benzoyle perozide!
For people suffering from heavy acne, I do recommend consulting a skin doctor and getting the treatment if you wish to clear your skin of them. Some of those treatments that Dr Chan covered would include taking antibiotic, laser skin toning with Medlite C6 to reduce oiliness and inflammation or Fraxel re:store which removes acne scarring and stimulates the body's own natural healing process. You can find him at Calvin Chan Aesthetic and laser clinic located at #05-11 Wheelock Place if you want to get a skin consultation from him!
For those that is relatively happy with you skin but wish you could make it even more "flawless", you could also consult a skin doctor and get a chemical peel, which is meant for people with facial blemishes, white heads, blackheads, uneven skin pigmentation etc. that would brighten up your skin and encourage cellular renewal!
(I'll do a more informative post on acne and the miracle gel which I found that simply made my acne disappear in less than 3 days!)

Next was a talk on AHA Glycolic acid by Christina Lim. AHA is also known as Alpha-Hydroxy Acid or fruit acids that is derived naturally. It helps in exfoliation and cell renewal. TDF products contains AHA and she also showed us the methods in doing a chemical peel!
Do take note that a chemical peel can only be done by trained professionals, by that I don't mean those beauty place where they offer you a package with many sessions of chemical peel. Chemical peel can only be done once in a while! Too much time of peeling and you face is gonna peel off, lady.

The products used for chemical peel!
First, she cleanse the volunteer face with a cleanser and then double cleanse it with a toner.

Next she applied the chemical peel evenly. The good thing about chemical peel is that it allows spot neutralization for areas where the skin is thinner, this reduces any risk of burns. Christina said that the peel would feel like thousands on ants crawling on your skin but its manageable for most but she has a mini fan that she lets her patients used to "blow away the ants".

Afterwards it was neutralizing the peel and cleaning it off with a cold towel.

Not forgetting, the last step which is to apply sunblock and you're good to go! You can apply your makeup after etc. Your skin will improve in the next few days and once the peel is done, it is observed that the volunteer's complexion has brighten up!

It was followed by a session by Jayne, one of Nuffnang's popular blogger, on how she got rid of her acne by using TDF products! She shared with us her skincare tips: Drink lots of water. Always apply sunblock. Always remember to remove your makeup before sleeping and have a proper skincare routine.

Followed by a talk by Rachel, the marketing executive for Ocean Health which brings TDF products to Sinapore. She talks about her skin problems and the TDF products available.
The recommended routine would include
Step 1: Cleanse your face with AHA Facial Wash
Step 2: Tone your face with Mild Astringent
Step 3: Control your skin with AHA Oily and Acne
Step 4: Hydrate it with Ultra Light Hydrator
Step 5: Sun Protection using Antioxidant Sun Protection
Step 6: Clay Mint Mask once in a while to remove blackheads and impurities

Lastly, Christina covered on Inner beauty nourishment which introduces Skin Nutrition that benefits us when taken orally. It increases skin elasticity, refine skin texture and reduce fine wrinkles. It also contains a natural sunscreen which has a SPF factor of 4. Does not seem like much if you compare to the usual SPF20 or 50 that you apply on your skin, however on days that you forgot to apply sunscreen, at least your skin would get some protection!

Ending off this post with a group photo!
Thank you so much for organizing this workshop. I really enjoyed myself and I learnt quite a lot!
Looking for more of such events in the future ^^

The items that they gave us to try ❤
I absolutely love trying out new products since I'm constantly finding the right product that would suit the needs of my skin! You can grab a free sample of the AHA facial wash here at the TDF facebook page. The TDF Oily and Acne Starter kit is also retailing at $49 now instead of the usual $74, perfect if you want to try out their products! Available at Guardian pharmacy and major hospitals and polyclinics.

A little background first, I do not suffer from any major skin condition, my skin is relatively smooth so I usually only wear a makeup base and loose powder instead of foundation as I find it too pore-clogging for me. However, I do have a few problematic area on my skin.
I will do a separate blog post on my skin, the products that I use in my skincare routine and the results after trying out the products given to me. It has been a week since I included these products into my skincare routine and so far, I'm loving how my skin looks! 
Go grab your free sample at the TDF facebook page now!

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