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Benefit: The POREfessional review

Hey cupcakes,
I'm back with another review post, this time round for a product I'm sure most of you are dying(not literally) to try it! (Thanks Jeraldine once again!)
Benefit's the POREfessional is one of Benefit's star product and it is a face primer, suitable for minimizing the appearance of pores. It is used under or over makeup(eg: when you're out the entire day and your face gets oily again, just rub some of this and you're good to go again!) to create a smoother surface.

Oily-free, light weight, translucent and silky. I agree with all of that!
Benefit is well-known for their pretty product packaging and cute names so I was quite curious when I saw this flap at the side of the box, I didn't notice it at first because I took the product out from the top but removing that flap shows...

The Porefessional action figure and her pore-zapping ray gun! Really cute ^^ Benefit has given this product a new makeover by including Spygirl on it!

This is how the product looks like. Just a typical tube packaging.

What it does:
This product functions the same as using a "blur" effect on photoshop. I find that it creates this really soft focus look on your skin which makes your skin look simply flawless. It aims to minimize the appearance of your pores, not to vanish it instantly though. It also works to mattify the skin.
Once the product is settled down into your skin, there would be a hint of shimmer. I think that it's probably light reflecting particles to reflect light away from your face and help give the appearance of a smooth finish.
What a makeup primer does in general is to create a layer between your skin and the cosmetic product.

Side by side with the box. Net content is around 22ml and I do believe that this would be able to last for a very long time if you only need a small dollop to cover up some of your enlarge pores unless you're applying it to your entire face.

The tube opening is really small, which is ideal for dispensing a small amount of product. The actual product color is actually beige but it will blend into your skin effortless after a few rubs and it sort of become transparent.

Method of application:
Take a tiny amount of product on your ring finger and pat it into the area you want to minimize the pores. Make sure to blend it into your skin until the product feels a little powdery. That way, the product would already be "set" into your skin and "filling up" your pores. It's kind of like applying your foundation or sunscreen.
You use this primer before putting on any makeup on your face. So the sequence would be..
Sunscreen (if needed) > Primer > Tinted moisturizer/Foundation > Face powder

Put this product to two rounds of test! I don't have enlarge pores on my face though there are areas which I want to smoothen out but those areas are only a small patch so I thought I'll try it out on somewhere more obvious instead.

1. Testing it on my finger. As you can notice from the left picture, there are three lines at the top of the finger (below my nail area). After applying the product on that area, I find that the smaller top line faded out a little and is less visible.

2. Testing out on the in-between of my thumb and second finger! I didn't use hand cream for a week or so, party because I have been so busy lately so the dryness is showing. But I swear my hands really don't look that dry in real life! Anyway,  the "cracks" are visible in the left photo but after applying the product, the "cracks" are really less obvious!

Smells really nice! It reminded me of Soap and Glory's Heel Genius, kind of like a citrusy, methol and sweet blend.
Does the job of minimizing your pores.
Really lightweight, I can barely feel it on my skin.
Easy application.
It's from Benefit, need I say more?

At $48SGD a tube, I think that they are other primers out there in the market that could be used as a dupe for this, or if not, similar to this. You could try checking out L'oreal Studio Secrets Professional Secret Magic perfect base or Mac Prep + Prime line filler.
It does get a little drying for people with dry skin so I suggest you go down to one of the Benefit counter and ask for a sample first before purchasing!

Caution: The main ingredient in this product is silicon. Do not use it if you're allergic! Also, be sure to remove every trace of the product at the end of the day.

Overall, I really love this product!
If you have the money to splurge on this, go ahead! Benefit products never fail to amaze me.
That's all for today, enjoy your week ahead!

Product is given to me for review, all opinions are my own.

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