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K-Palette review + eye makeup routine

I was thrilled when K-palette gave me a couple of their products after the Eye-mazing bloggers event a few weeks back! Thank you so much!!!
A concealer, an eye shadow palette, three eyeliners and a mascara to add into my makeup collection!
K-palette has been rated consistently as one of the top three selling eyeliners in Japan....with 1 sold every 24 seconds there! I was really looking forward to trying out their eyeliners.
They have also won the Best Eyeliner award since 2008! Woah.

I've always been a fan of the "Gyaru" look- a lot of emphasis on the eyes with a neutral eye makeup and nude lips. They also gave me the brown eye shadow palette which is just perfect for achieving that look! Brown shades are also suitable for people who have just started to learn how to apply makeup.

One thing I like about this is that it is compact, the packaging doesn't feel tacky and relatively lightweight! I've always been using my Naked or Coastal scents palette with tons of colors but recently I've switched to using this compact palette as it is so easy to use and packed with more glitter as compared to those matte shadows I always stick to.

A lot of my friends said that my eyes look super big after makeup. Here's how I achieve the look! Please keep in mind that I am not a makeup artist whatsoever, all my makeup skills are gained through years of trial and error to find what suits my eyes and face the most.

Step 1: Primer and eye shadow base
If I know that I'll be out the entire day, I'll use an eye shadow base to make my eye shadow last longer. Currently using Maybelline 24hr color tattoo in Bad to the Bronze.

Step 2: Eyeshadow

For the eyeshadow, I use the lighter color(A) as a highlight(white dotted portion below) for the inner 1/3 of my eyes. Then I use the lighter brown(B) for the other 2/3 of the eyelid(lighter brown dotted portion below), and darker brown(D) for the outer area of my eyelid(darker brown dotted portion below).
The pink dotted area is the area that I blend the eye shadow together so that it looks better.
This gives the eyes more definition and makes it look deeper and bigger than it actually is!
Furthermore, you can hardly go wrong with neutral shades!

Step 3: Eyeliner!
I love all three of the eyeliner from K-palette. Each has their own unique features.

These eyeliners have a fine tip micro-fibre, high water resistant polymer molecule and a unique conditioning formula that helps to keep the eyeline intact all day. It is able to withstand Singapore's humidity or dryness of air-conditioned places.
The eyeliner brush is soft enough to draw a flexible line neatly and it is super easy to draw a line! Perfect for people who have just started using eyeliner.

1. K-Palette 24hr Super Black waterproof eyeliner-Limited Edition (Pink)
2. K-Palette 24hr Super black waterproof eyeliner(Black)
3. K-Palette 24hr Real lasting eyeliner Waterproof Micro (Blue)

The Pink eyeliner has three new hydrating ingredients added into it to increase its skincare properties in protecting the eye area. It is my favorite out of the three eyeliners and I find that this black is more intense that the other two. It is limited edition too! And the packaging is so pretty ^^
The Black eyeliner is similar to the pink one! It's the usual eyeliner that they have.
The Blue eyeliner has a micro-tip, super fine and suitable if you want a light makeup look or a "natural" look. Also, you can use it to draw hearts or some other design if you want, your face is your own canvas!

Drawing on the eyeliner next. I like to wing it out a little to make my eyes look longer than it is. Using the limited edition K-Palette 24hr Super black waterproof eyeliner.

Step 4: False lashes
I usually skip mascara because false lashes gives me more volume and ta-daa~

That's how I get my eyes to look larger than it is lol. Actually this method quite foolproof since I'm using contour/shading method with false lashes. And super easy to achieve also!

I tried having the eyeliner on the entire day as I was at Zouk last night. It stayed on without any smudge and absolutely easy to remove when I got home too! No need to tug at it so hard to get it off yet it stays on nicely despite everything...what sorcery is this?!
This is currently my favorite eyeliner at the moment!!!
Definitely check out K-Palette eyeliner is you're looking for a good eyeliner. No need to spend tons of dollars on high end brands when you can just get this eyeliner without burning a hole in your pocket.
Two thumbs up for this! ^^

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