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TGIF(Sept) with BellaBox!

TGIF with BellaBox last friday at Halo rooftop lounge and bar!
Just looking at the pink boxes get me all excited and jittery inside... because they usually mean a box of surprises!
Bellabox delivers monthly beauty boxes, they have grew so much since they were first launched in Singapore. It is run by a group of gorgeous ladies!

With Mandy, the PR lady! Thank you so much for the invitation :D And thank you to the whole Bellabox team for the hard work of planning the event!

With Yan Teng, Mag and her friend! Was really nice to bump into them during the event. Mag hair is so cool!!!!

With the lovely Yan Teng! I love her red heels!

Emily Hamilton, the co-founder and managing director of Bellabox Singapore! Giving a welcome speech before the start of the activities.

Small bites for us! Didn't really eat much once the event start because I was busy visiting the booths of the brands.

There were five brands present, they are either new or existing Bellabox brand partners so you will get to see those brands in your monthly boxes!
First brand: Caudalie
Introducing their new Vinosource hydrating range!
Their grape water which I LOVE! Not to drink, but for my skin!

The Vinosource serum!

You can check out more information of Caudalie products from their fb page.

Next, Bioderma booth! I have heard tons of people in the beauty industry raving about this product. I have tried this before and this works amazingly! Bioderma makeup remover is a micellar solution, which makes it really good for removing makeup.

Makeup artist Larry Yeo doing a demo to show how well Bioderma works. He just pour some on a cotton pad and then use it to wipe off the makeup.


After ONE swipe of the cotton pad at the lower cheek! I think 99% ,if not 100%, of the makeup is removed. How awesome is that?!

Definitely check out Bioderma at Guardian stores. They are currently available in selected stores but soon they will be available in all Guardian stores!

Visited the Aveda booth next, it was filled with tons of their products!

Trying out Aveda's Chakra sensory journey!
Chose Chakra 1 (Grounded), 5( Expressive) and 7(Wisdom).
I was then given smelling strips to decide which scent I prefer. Ended up deciding between Grounded and Wisdom! So the lady gave me an aromatherapy for both mix together.

Grounded has a mix of Olibanum, patchouli and vetiver and it is the lowest Chakra that we ground ourselves and take care of our basic needs.
Wisdom has a mix of Olibanum, angelica and elemi and it is the highest Chakra which is the centre of connecting to something greater than oneself.
Also got my hair done by the hairstylist afterwards! He gave me really nice curls because the wave in my hair is fading ^^ I tried curling my hair in the morning but my awfully straight hair is really stubborn about changes being done on it.

Another brand is Pétronille, which was founded by Pétronille Houdart who graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy of Paris. This brand carries customized skincare products with maximum amount of active ingredients authorised in order to optimise their action potential.

They have day cream, night cream and a cream for men! They also carry Boosters for the cream, which contains anti-aging, whitening, antioxidant etc. I've done a review on it in the previous post!

The packaging is really cute and innovative! The cream is dispense from the middle on the platform when you press the platform down. This also prevent the cream from going back to the container and minimize contamination.

A couple of ingredients for us to make our own facial scrub! I absolutely adore DIY activities.

Added in Himalaya salt, Olive oil, Cacao and Tea tree oil to my scrub.

My Cacao scrub!

Here's the recipe, you can make your own scrubs at home~
Add in about 1.5cups of Himalayan salt (Or you can use brown sugar!), 1 cup of Olive oil(Or Almond oil, whichever you prefer), a tiny sprinkle of Cacao powder(you can also substitute it with honey or coconut) and finish with a few drops of tea tree oil.

The Himalayan salt helps to tone and cleanse the skin. Alternatively, brown sugar can be used as it is a natural exfoliant and a natural humectant.
Olive oil contains antioxidant vitamin E that protects and nourish the skin. However, if you have dry skin, I would suggest you to use Sweet Almond oil instead! It works as an excellent emollient and moisturizer.
Cacao is rich in antioxidant, in fact it is richer than green tea! You can substitute with honey which is moisturizing or coconut, to prevent dryness and flaking of skin.

Elizabeth Arden was also there too. I'm sure it needs no introduction since it's such a well known brand! 

There was also the Make your own Bellabox activity afterwards!

The five items I have chosen! Savoir Faire lipstick, Caudalie Vinosource serum, Rose absolute shower gel from Lemongrass house, Macadamia oil and Aveda shampoo and conditioner samples!

The color of the lipstick was adorable, I love it! The Rose Absolute shower gel smells amazing too. I really love all the items in my Bellabox.

Want to get your hands on your own Bellabox? Love trying out new products? Simply sign up as a memeber at the Bellabox website and wait for them to be delivered to your doorstep monthly!
They come in cute pink boxes! Really handy too!
I use those boxes to store some other samples items, another box for my receipt and ticket stubs, the cover of a box to put my perfumes in them and the bottom of that same box to store some skincare stuff that I use regularly on my bed-side shelve...etc.

Really enjoyed myself at the Bellabox event! Thank you so much to for organizing this!