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Dasoda Concealer Liquid Review

Dasoda is a brand that helps women to seek special happiness and beauty to shine and live their own life story as beautiful heroines.
Best part? Dasoda products are highly safe as it is formulated to be mild on the skin! This has never before been achieved by an eye makeup.

I manage to give the Dasoda Concealer Liquid a try these few days!
It comes with a calligraphy brush style pen for smooth application.

This concealer liquid covers undereye circle and it also doubles as a highlighter.
AND it also has a lifting function which provides heat retention and boost wrinkle function. Daily use will help to prevent wrinkle, dryness and eyes age spot. Makeup and part skin care product?

Here's my review on this product:
I love the packaging with the brush applicator and "clicking" the pen to get more product out. It is more hygiene and better than dipping my fingers into a jar to get the concealer and contaminate the product at the same time.

The color that I got was Ochre which was slightly dark for my skin tone but it was really easy to blend the product into my skin to make it work. There are two colors available, Natural and Ochre. The product itself was not very pigmented, more towards light to medium coverage. I could detect some tiny sparkles in the product which makes it suitable for doubling as a highlighter and a concealer for the undereye as we all want to brighten up that area.

Gave the concealer a try on my undereye circles. Swipe it a few times below my eye and blend it with my fingers. Hiding our dark circles help us to look more awake!

Before and After photos.
Photobucket Photobucket
In the photo, you would notice that the product manage to cover up some of my dark circles, especially at the inner corners of my eye. However, the photo looks better than real life as I could still detect some of the darkness in the mirror.
I have tried a few concealers(about 10) and so far, this would rank 3rd on my list on concealers...pretty high up on the list so it's fairly good.
I won't really say that this product changed my life but if you are looking for a concealer that also doubles up as a highlighter, or if you have light undereye circles that you wish to cover up, you can give this product a try! I think that the added "skin care" benefits are a bonus too by the way! ^^

The Dasoda Concealer Liquid retails exclusively at SASA for $25.90.

Thanks Jeraldine and CC for sponsoring me the product.
All opinions are my own.

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