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Biore Facial Foam Review

A cleanser is the most important personal care product you should have, even if you refuse to follow the entire cleanser-toner-moisturizer-serum..etc. skin care routine.
It is important to remove all the dirt that's on your skin which got there while you were busy with your daily plans. Skin problems are usually caused by inefficient cleansing to remove the dirt and chemical traces such as UV that's on your skin or caused by harsh cleansing agents that affects the skin's balance. The skin's 28 days natural renewal process is disrupted which results in dryness, clogged pores and pimples!

But what's so special about Biore Facial foam as compared with other cleanser?

Left- Biore Facial scrub, Right-Biore Facial cleanser

The range of Biore Facial Foam contains Skin purifying technology which supports and boost skin's natural ability to self-renewal. It has high cleansing ability, low irritation as the ingredients does not penetrate the skin and it is the first cleanser that works to rebalance the skin by reducing oil at T-zone(forehead and nose) area and replenish moisture at U-zone area(cheeks and chin)!

Results? The skin is rebalance and visible results will be seen in 14 days with continuous usage!
You will have more hydrated skin, less clogged pores, reduction in sebum production and scars and blemishes will be lighten.
There is also the Extra Moist and Acne cleanser depending on your skin's needs! I got the Mild one because I have combination skin.

I love the texture of the Biore facial cleanser. It just flow down the tube slowly when I didn't press the tube and the smell is pleasant. It lathers on really well to my face and the scent lingers for about an hour or so.

For the Biore facial scrub, the texture is similar to the cleanser but there are tiny bits of exfoliant beads in it.  However, the exfoliant beads are very gentle that I can barely feel it unlike those apricot scrubs where I can feel it scrubbing my skin. Gentle exfoliants are better for the skin and it is suitable for use everyday! It has a pleasant scent similar to the cleanser but not entirely the same.

After using both products, I feel that my skin gets a little bit lighter and firmer. Also, what I love most was that the redness around my cheek area is reduced! I have drier skin at my cheek area which made it quite sensitive with a little redness usually but the redness was completely gone after I use this range of cleanser! Pretty amazed by it. Also, the scent lingers on for about an hour or so and my skin feels squeaky clean and smooth after washing.

I use either one depending on what I'm doing that day. If I feel that my pores need to be de-clogged further, I'll use the scrub instead of the cleanser.

Biore Facial foams will be launch on 3rd of January so..
Let's start 2013 with the aim to have smoother, flawless looking skin! ^^

Products were sponsored to me.
All opinions are my own.

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