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Kung Fu Paradise Breakfast Food tasting

Last week I was invited for a food tasting by again, this time round it was to try out Kung Fu Paradise new breakfast menu!
I love having breakfast, it's the most important meal of the day ^^
Kung Fu Paradise has affordable food, not to mention special lunch time deals for both students and non-students too.

What is Kung Fu Paradise?
"Kung Fu Paradise is open at Bedok Point, Sembawang Shopping Centre, Jcube and Bugis+.
This casual and laidback East-Meets-West café opens past midnight daily and features an affordable and extensive selection of Hong Kong-style classics, Asian delights, Western favourites, drinks and desserts to satiate cravings throughout the day and night. The café is a comfortable space for diners to unwind with friends and family at any time of the day and week with its long operating hours until late. The extensive a la carte menu presents a wide selection of affordable dishes such as Truffle Fries, Flying KungFu Wings, KungFu ‘Master’ Salad, KungFu French Toast, and the popular Steamed Lava Custard Buns with a delicious molten centre of salted egg custard!
There are delicious burgers and grilled items to baked rice and pasta choices like the Seafood Pasta ala Hokkien. For those with more of an Asian palate, KungFu Paradise will entice taste buds with their Hong Kong-style wok-fried dishes and Nippon Curry creations. Last but not least, save room for the sweet sinful pleasures of desserts, cakes and the popular Taiwanese dessert ‘bao bing’ – which are refreshing shaved ice dessert in various flavours such as mango, durian, lychee and chocolate. KungFu Paradise is a great place for drinks any time of the day with a wide variety of hot and cold beverages, ranging from coffee and tea to smoothies, sodas and juices. Start your day with their signature, super creamy coffee - Kungfu Stylo Coffee – or enjoy a mid-afternoon treat like the KungFu ‘’Disciple’’ Frappe infused with coffee, peanut sauce and pineapple."
 photo SAM_0060_zps445ff8e7.jpg

Kung Fu Paradise has launch the "All Day Breakfast Bonanza" promotion from 4th Feb to 30th April at three of its outlets at Bedok Point, Jcube and Bugis+. It s available all day throughout the week too!

Kay's Breakfast Combo
Don’t miss this ultimate breakfast combo that comes with the whole works: fried eggs, cheese sausage, turkey bacon and toasted white bread Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette  photo SAM_0022_zps8440afe3.jpg
This is my second favourite item from the menu and I love this because it has everything you'll need for a full breakfast. Eggs, bacon, sausage, hash brown and sauteed mushrooms...definitely a winning yummy combination for me!  I'd say get this to try if you can't decide what to have.

Spanish Omelette
Slice into this chunky delish Spanish omelette with diced capsicum, onions, chicken chipolata and topped with tomato sauce Sides - rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette
 photo SAM_0028_zps229ff045.jpg
A different taste than what my version of breakfast is, this omelette is filled with tons of ingredients that blends together really well. However, I do feel that if I were to have this alone, it won't be very filling so I'll get this to share with someone else apart from getting a main dish if I were you. Nonetheless, it's different and worth a taste.

Royal Rumble Scrambled Eggs
Tumble out of bed and enjoy this Royal Rumble Scrambled Eggs that comprise croissant with scrambled eggs, turkey bacon bits and chives Side - Cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and sautéed button mushrooms
 photo SAM_0031_zps5c84d924.jpg
Third favourite dish just because I absolutely LOVE croissants! Especially having pipping hot scrambled eggs tucked into buttery croissants and sauteed mushrooms at the side...have I mention that the mushrooms are really delicious too?

Croque Madame 
Pep up your appetite with this decadent grilled ham and cheese sandwich that is baked in a rich mozzarella and cream sauce, using sliced country loaf, chicken ham, fried eggs, iceberg lettuce and sliced tomatoes Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomatoes with pesto sauce and rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette
 photo SAM_0039_zps01da4786.jpg
I love the combination of this however the bread was a tiny disappointment because it was quite hard to cut it as I expected it to be more toasted? But I think having the tomato on top of the bread made it a tad bit softer than it was supposed to be.

Eggs Benedict with Lemon Butter Sauce 
Perfectly poached eggs sit atop baked English muffins that come with crisp turkey bacon, ham and a delectable lemon butter sauce. Sides - sautéed button mushrooms, cherry tomato & rocket salad with balsamic vinaigrette
 photo SAM_0043_zpsaacb170d.jpg
HUGE fan of Eggs Benedict. Even though it's not as perfect as other brunch places that I've tried, this still manage to quench my Eggs Ben's cravings so it's yummy enough. I love the lemon butter sauce that it comes with, I love everything about this dish. Even though I dislike egg yolks, I always make an exception with it comes to having Eggs Ben. In my opinion, this is the BEST dish in the breakfast menu but then again, I might be biased because...I love my Eggs Benedict.

 photo SAM_0050_zps01e71f90.jpg
"Look at me sliding down the egg white!"

 Tuck into these fluffy waffles topped with fresh strawberries, blueberries, fruit cocktail and strawberry sauce – a sure hit with both the old and young!  photo SAM_0055_zpse4c3822f.jpg
The sweetest breakfast of all is of course, waffles with fruits drizzled with jam. I didn't quite like this to be honest but then again, I'm a huge pancakes and waffles fan so my expectation might be a too high. However, the fruits was fresh and it was a nice way to end off my breakfast.

Ending off with a photo taken with Damien (Uncletehpeng), Noelle and Estelle from OpenRice!

Thank you so much for the invitation, Openrice!!
Check out for more food reviews, or to leave your own reviews. Refer to my previous blog post for the special gourmet challenge that they have!

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