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Japan haul for myself!

So for the past two weeks I was in Japan with my boy and we just got back not long ago.
Since I've not been updating my blog for that two weeks, I'll thought I'll show you what I got for myself from Japan because those pictures are in my phone..I also got other stuff for my family but I've yet to upload the pictures from my cameras. I will recommend some good shopping places too :D
Side note, I'm sorry if it seems like I'm showing off but I'm actually super excited to share what I bought with you guys/girls!

Starting with snacks that I bought! Pocky, kit kats and other classics.
 photo IMG_0714_zps9c9d9a24.jpg
I'm madly in love with matcha flavoured items so I got Matcha pocky (the BEST pocky ever, I swear!), Matcha kit kats (also super yummy) and Matcha milky candy which taste really delicious too. Not forgetting, Blueberry cheesecake Kit kat and Strawberry kit kat too! Other Pocky flavours such as Coffee and Cookies and cream, my boy bought more Pocky than I did because he got every single flavour they had in Japan lol! We also got Tokyo bananas, Ginza strawberry cake, mochi from Kyoto, Calbee snacks in three different type of potatoes and Nama chocolates! If you're ever in Japan and you're a huge fan of chocolates like me, get the Royce Nama chocolates! They're way cheaper in Japan so I got White chocolate, Strawberry and Matcha ones.

Usually most of these items could be found at the airport apart from the different flavoured pocky. We went into different combini (which is their convenience stores, they have a few such as Family Mart, Lawson etc.) trying to search for different flavoured pocky and kit kats. Different places in Japan sells different flavoured pocky/kitkats too! For example, we got the Matcha pocky from Kyoto/Osaka area and the other ones from Tokyo. The snack selections at the airport is amazing so please go there ahead of your flight to shop!

During this trip we also went to Disneysea! I've been wanting to go there for ages and we finally got the chance! Here's what we bought back after trying to resist the temptation of buying the entire shop. Everything in Disneysea is so cute, I kinda regretted not getting more items! I'll show you which bears are mine later.
 photo IMG_0583_zpsc9ecc0e9.jpg

Other items I got from randomly shopping..
 photo 0ace2d09-69cf-4ae9-b414-4740fa5b10f0_zps8e294ff0.jpg
Clockwise direction starting from the top
-Boxers from Uniqlo because they have the Disney collection and they're the cutest boxers ever. I think most of the items I bought from Japan are Disney related!
-Hello Kitty eyelash case from Daiso! Check out Daiso in Japan, usually their Daiso have a few levels and the products sold there is waaaay better than the Daiso here in Singapore.
-Hada Labo milk lotion with Mickey face on it, was the last one on the shelf!
-My favourite makeup remover from Bifesta with Tinkle Bell on the cover, another Disney design! I absolutely love it when the products that I'm planning to get has Disney designs on them.
-A mini Mudkip pokemon that I got for myself from the Pokemon Center in Umeda, I bought more items for my brother over there.
-Bifesta makeup remover wipes because they were on sale! I love shopping for beauty products at "wholesale" shops in Japan. Look out for shops with tons of products displayed outside in boxes with various sign saying that there's a sale, they usually have tons of ladies browsing around the shop.
-Got myself a Chasen from the airport because I love Japanese traditional tea ceremony so now I can make my own at home.
-Mini Chopper keychain from Kyoto with the Chopper wearing a kimono. Got it as a souvenir because we dressed up in kimono when we were in Kyoto! ^^
-Shelliemay to hang on my bag from Disneysea!
-Romantic Minnie Mouse from Tokyo which I can also hang on my bag as it has the same design as my Shelliemay, with a zip at the back to store items in it.

 photo 2d1e4e34-4e71-4eaa-a3ec-9a8ef3b39d6b_zpsffec66a1.jpg
-I also got a Samantha Thavasa bag for myself at the airport (Duty free, I think) as I've been wanting one for a really long time! If you're a huge fan of Samantha Thavasa like me, getting it from Japan is way cheaper than Singapore! I got this bag for about 25,200yen and I think it's selling for around 37,000yen in Singapore! Not to mention, it comes with the Disney keychains ^^ I got the display stock though because it was the last one in the shop :/
If you're on a tighter budget but you still want to buy something nice for yourself, there is also Samantha Vega, which is slighter cheaper than Samantha Thavasa. I bought another bag from Samantha Vega for my Mummy and it was the last one in the whole of Japan in that color! We traveled from Tokyo to Osaka just to collect it!
-A 2013 planner from Harajuku because the cover is just too cute to resist! Of course, Harajuku is a MUST to visit when you're in Tokyo. I'll cover more about it when I blog about my Japan trip.
-Huge Duffy for me to hug to sleep! And I bought the Summer edition clothes for him too. It also comes with shoes and hat. Super duper kawaii!

 photo IMG_0708_zps8937eb35.jpg
Samantha Thavasa iphone cover because it's pink, girly and of all, I love Japanese iphone cover because I can hang keychains on them! There's this hole at the bottom right for me to hang my mini duffy on it!

I didn't get as much cosmetic as I hope I would but nonetheless, I'm happy with what I bought.
 photo IMG_0718_zps898309c8.jpg
-D.U.P Hello Kitty eyelash glue. My Dollywink eyelash glue is running out so I thought I'll try another brand.
-Dollywink highlighter to create korean eyebags. They have the latest range of Candy Doll products too! I also got the latest Candy Doll Lip treatment not shown here (but if you followed me on instagram @missyeileen , you'll see it already)
-Canmake cream blusher, Palgantong theatrical powder (cause my Candy Doll powder running out and I heard so much good things about this), Ettusais peeling milk and Gel top coat, Ichigo milk flavor soap, DHC and Shiseido Sakura lip balm and Loverus hair wax for my permed hair.

Albion Skin Conditioner that I kept reading rave reviews about! Got my hand on this set when I went into the pharmacy which comes with the small size skin-con, facial soap and mask sheets. Quite worth it for 3500yen! I tend to shop in pharmacies and drugstores instead of department stores just to search for good bargain or discounts haha
 photo IMG_0477_zpsbc46b3da.jpg

One thing that I dislike about shopping in Japan is that...their clothes are horribly expensive! I only manage to get some clothes from Emoda but other than that, I'm pretty bummed that the clothes from some of my other favourite brands such as INGNI and Murua are too expensive for me. Their clothes range from about 4000yen onwards, which is around 50SGD! On the plus side, they do have set deals (such as cardigan and top or jacket and shorts..) that you can get for a cheaper price..but still quite ex cause those sets usually cost like 10000yen which is approximately 130SGD.
 photo IMG_0244_zpsabbbc981.jpg

So that about sums up everything I got for myself in Japan! Not including the presents I got for my family and my boy too. If you want more upscale shopping, check out Burberry in Japan because they have Burberry Blue and Black label. Burberry blue label is for girls while Black label is more for guys. I got a couple of shirts there for my dad and boyfy as the price is cheaper than Burberry London and the material feels really nice too.
I will blog more about my Japan trip once I get those pictures uploaded.
I'm really looking forward to going back to Japan again!!! Already planning my next trip haha (: