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Umeda Sky Building

Finally getting started on my Japan travelogues!
Believe it or not, we took so much pictures that even after a week, I'm still not done looking through all the pictures and choosing the good ones to keep.
On one of the days that we had a day trip to Kyoto, by the time we got back to Osaka it was already dinner time so we decided to pop by Umeda for a bit to go to the Umeda Sky Building.
The Umeda sky building is the 12th tallest building in Osaka and it has a Floating garden observatory and Lumi deck at the top but I"ll get to that later.

To get there, we took the JR line to Osaka station and walked to the Umeda Sky Building. It's quite nearby, you just have to cross a road and walk through an underpass to get there.
The view from the ground. The Floating garden observatory at the top connects the two buildings at the side together.

Going up to 140m above ground! We had to take the lift to about 39th floor.

And then take another long escalator to the top which I think is the 40th floor. By the way I'm still experimenting with my new camera so some pictures are clear while others are a little blur haha

There was an area where you could get your fortune so we tried that but my fortune for that day wasn't very good so I tied it up at the strings. Usually for Japanese fortunes, you keep the paper if its a good fortune and if it's not a good one, you tie it up to sort of "prevent" the bad things from happening to you.

Quick look down the building. You can barely see the ground.

And some scenery views from the top of the building! It was lovely but also very chilly and windy.

We went back to the indoor area to wait for our heart-lock to be done. There's a counter where you can get your names engraved on the heart-lock and also get matching phone heart-lock charms in pink and gold too.
Side note, matcha cream pocky is probably the BEST pocky ever.

There's a special area called the Lumi Deck at the top. That's the reason why we wanted to go up the building! The Lumi deck is a specially reserved space for lovers in the 173m high Umeda sky building. You can secure your heart-lock at the Fence of Vows and the area lights up really prettily at night.

So we finally manage to get our heart-lock locked on the Fence of Vows with the date of our anniversary on it. I remember hearing about this heart-lock stuff in Korea and Paris but when I found out Japan has it too, I just had to go.
I think I might go back in a few years time to see if it's still there. We manage to get a spot that's at the corner of a metal rod so nobody could put their lock above ours to cover our names haha!
-Picture of heart lock removed because the guy cheated lol So much for 'Love forever' -

Will try to get through the rest of my photos soon.
Till then, TGIF! (:
Enjoy your week~

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