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-- - - -
Graduation 2013!

I've finally graduated from Singapore Polytechnic!
Woah, as cliche as it sounds, time flies. Literally.
I still remember Year 1 Semester 1 of school where I was struggling to understand those chemistry stuff.
Now my three years in polytechnic is over and I'm looking forward to studying at...the National University of Singapore *gulps*

I've graduated with a Diploma in Perfumery and Cosmetic Science (With Merit), Certificate in Business and also, together with the Nikko Chemicals Singapore award and Purac Asia Pacific award.

(Oh hey, the rest of my name magically disappeared!)
To be completely honest, I'm really proud of myself. I probably sound really stuck up right now but no, I was failing almost ALL of my subjects (apart from English and chemistry) in Secondary school because I hated studying. I would skip supplementary classes, hang out with groups of friends after school with bikes and play DDR every week.
From being a below average student in class in secondary the 3rd in the cohort now, I think that's pretty impressive :D
While I watched all my friends get to their ideal JC because they studied hard for their O's, I couldn't get into a good JC so I decided to pursue DPCS instead since I'm obsessed about skin care/cosmetic products.
And I have to say, my love for Chemistry kept me going.
These three years in SP has been amazing, I've never regretted one bit of it because I know that if I were to get into another school, I wouldn't be able to get those opportunities that I had in SP.
Getting to make our own creams and lotions, internship at Oxford University, learning more about Japanese culture...these experiences I'll never forget.

I'm not going to compare myself with other people because that's useless.
I think that you should improve yourself day by day and looking back at my secondary school life and comparing to what I have currently... I'm grateful. I'm thankful for everything that I've been given so far and I'm looking forward to even more exciting things in life.
I'm also really glad that apart from my academic life, I have a life outside of school too! Haha!
Blog events, getting to try and review new skin care products on my blog, experiencing new things etc.. my blog grew so much with me...I'm really grateful for that.

Anyway, here's some of the photos I took today!

I'm really glad I got to know someone as vain as me...I mean, vainer than me haha!
Rain, thanks for being a brother I never had ^^

With Kaviel, I met him through a blog event and then found out we're in the same school haha

With the lovely girls from my course!

And Elaine! Thanks for dropping by SP!!! You're a really awesome senior!

With WenZhe who got into the same course as me in university BUT he has to go for NS so I'm all alone now lol

Lastly, with Jia Lun. Oh gosh, I'm gonna miss the boys in my class. They add life into everything.

Going to take a break from work in June to focus more on nurturing my hobbies (lookout for more photoshoots! I'm back to planning those!) and lazing about before university officially starts.
Kinda nervous yet excited at the same time I guess.