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The Grandstand Makan hunt: MAD

MAD represents the Modern Asian Diner, inspired by the alter ego of Singapore's foremost musical mastermind- Dick Lee.
MAD is the quirky, multi-faceted and wickedly fresh dining concept which is the result of the diverse collaboration between TungLok Group, Dick Lee and Bar stories with two other wholesomely by Singaporean success stories- Bakerzin and Top Wines.
Equipped with a wine cellar and tasting room, a bakery and bread boutique, a bar and a charcoal powered Josper Oven, MAD serves a versatile mix of Asian and Western cuisine, adventurous cocktails, artisan breads and desserts which are all assuredly of the highest quality.

 photo SAM_1537_zps68a392bb.jpg

We first hit the bar with our cocktail request. The bartenders were able to customize individual cocktails for us which made the entire experience more interesting!

Herine's customized cocktail of Passionfruit, Elderflower, light rum and dark rum.
I thought it looks like a cup of creamy green tea from far.

I requested for something with lime in it because I love having lime juice as a mixer when I'm having alcohol. The bartender must have noticed that I like the colour pink that he created a refreshing blend of pink cocktail- made with lime juice, blended with raspberry and gin tonic and seasoned with icing sugar and lime zest. Really simple and elegant.
I adore my drink! It suits me (and my taste buds) perfectly ^^

Someone else's concoction. I love how unique each creation looks.

Estelle's cocktail.
Looks more like a cute dessert and tastes like ice cream! There's also an ice cream cone at the side. The amount of thought that goes into each creation is amazing.

Another cocktail. Check this out!

Some orange with vanilla ice cream? I don't know...but it looks good.
I've heard from another shop owner that there's a famed mixologist named Kino from MAD's bar that makes really really really good cocktails. She has a knack for making unique cocktail and once she made a kaya one for him which was really delicious!

We headed for the Omakase counter afterwards to get a tasting of three dishes the chef has specially prepared for us. The Omakase counter basically leaves your meal up to the chef's decision...he will decide what to serve you on that day! I think that this is a good way to try out their food.
Not to mention, you can also see how the chefs prepared the food too!

Crispy Skin Roasted Pork Belly
I'm a big fan of the belly.
Somehow, the belly of most animals taste really good.
Tuna belly is nice especially if it's filled with tuna fats, salmon belly is really awesome if it's grilled and pork belly is amazingly juicy when it's roasted.
The fats! Sinfully deliciously. You can't go wrong with crispy pork skin and fats that just melts in your mouth, which surrounds the equally tender pork meat.
This simple dish is universally popular.

Josper-baked Foccacia Flatbread with Scallops, Prawns and Bacon
Okonomiyaki with a different twist.
Tasted exactly like an Okonomiyaki made with bread.
Really appetizing, interesting and worth a try.

Waygu Beef with Onsen Egg Claypot Rice
Oh, what's an Onsen Egg you asked?
Well an Onsen Egg is also known as a reverse half boiled egg- cooked yolk and runny whites. I honestly dislike eating runny egg yolks by itself. Also, I love it when the egg white is a little runny on my fried egg. That being said, the Onsen Egg sounds like the perfect egg for me!
It's quite tricky to get an Onsen Egg right because you need to make sure that the yolk is cooked more than the egg white but doesn't that make no sense at all?
After all, the egg white surrounds the egg yolk!
However, egg whites are made of protein which tends to coagulate at a higher temperature than the egg yolk counterpart so you just need to cook the egg instead of boiling it...basically create an onsen environment for the egg.
Enough about the egg. I'm sure you want to know what this dish taste like.
Succulent thinly slices of Waygu Beef, perfect onsen egg that you mix into the dish to cover each grain of sushi rice with goodness....I'm utterly speechless when I took the first bite because it was just simply delicious.
You won't be able to stop eating till ever grain of the rice is gone. Trust me.

Overall, I do love the atmosphere at MAD. It's full of character, a bar-diner-shop all in one and it also has a pretty cool vibe to it. I would definitely recommend this place for dinner with a couple of friends or even with your family!

MAD is located at The Grandstand, 200 Turf Road
#01-20/21 S287994
Opens Sundays-Thursday 11.30am-10.30pm
Fridays and Saturday 11.30am-11pm

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