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Etude House BB Cotton Fit & CC cream review

I'm really excited when I was given Etude House's latest BB cotton fit and CC Cream to review!
I've always wanted to try out CC creams after hearing about them and I finally had the chance to ^^

Etude House is a cosmetic brand that believes makeup should be playful and not routine. Their makeup products are developed to reflect four basic concepts: high quality, affordability, lovely design and a diverse color range. Etude loves to promote fun makeup play for all girls around the world to be sweet.

Etude House CC Cream

Known as Color Correct or Correct and Care cream, CC creams are the latest hype in the cosmetic industry that comes with a notch down in terms of coverage and a step above for skincare benefits.
CC cream focuses more on correcting your skin's concern with special technology such as multi-functioning capsules present in the cream.
Typically CC cream would appear white in color but after applying it, it blends into your skin tone effortlessly to give you a brighter, more radiant look.

Etude House CC Cream is available in both Silky and Glow formula that promises an 8 in 1 formula to address the signs of aging, dullness and dryness of the skin. It is anti-aging stress relief, provides hydration and whitening, gives sun protection and improves the skin's smooth texture and luminosity.

Left: Silky, Right: Glow

The Silky formula promises a more matte and natural skin while the Glow formula gives a more dewy complexion- like those korean actresses you see in Kdramas!
Etude House's CC cream comes in a pump tube for easy and hygienic dispensing of product.
I find that Silky gives more color as compared to the Glow formula. I'm not sure if you can see it from the picture above but Silky has a pinkish/beige tone to it while Glow is more whitish.
The CC cream is essentially white in color with greyish beads which are micro capsules that contains color pigments and/or skincare benefits. After blending, those capsules will burst to give the desired properties.

After blending out, Left: Silky, Right: Glow

You can tell that Silky gives a well...silky finish. Matte and smooth in appearance, suitable for people who want a light coverage instead of using BB creams or foundations.
I would wear this out on days where I don't need makeup such as going to school!
Glow gives a dewy finish but doesn't have any color base in it.
For those who prefer to have more coverage on your face, you can use the CC cream as a "topcoat".
For example, after you apply your foundation (most of those gives a matte finish), you can apply Glow CC Cream above your foundation for a slightly dewy look.
Since the CC Cream is lightweight, it wouldn't feel heavy on your skin at all...that's what I love about Etude House's CC cream!
Alternatively, you can use CC cream as a base. Such as using Silky CC cream as a base to give your skin a more smooth and luminous undertone and then a BB cream above it for coverage.
CC creams are good to use on their own OR mix and match with other product to give you your desired finish!

Etude House BB Cotton Fit
For those of you who still don't know what BB creams are (which rock have you been living under?!) ,
they are known as Blemish Balm or Beauty Balm developed to be an all-in-one cosmetic and skincare product set to replace moisturizer, primer, sunblock and foundation.
Typically their formula is designed to oxidize in order to match Asian's skin tone as usually in Asia, the look of beauty is "fair, radiant skin".
I have been an avid fan of BB cream as I feel that it suits my skintone better and I love the finish that BB creams usually give as compared to wearing foundation.

Etude House's Precious Mineral BB Cotton Fit comes in three shades but I currently only have two shades to review, Light Beige N02 and Natural Beige W13
What this BB cream does is that it gives a smooth cotton-like powdery finish on flawless skin.
This Precious Mineral BB Cotton Fit is an extension of the Precious Mineral BB Cream line in stores.
It is formulated with luminescent pearl extract and cotton veil powder that helps to smooth over blemishes and brighten skin. With the added SPA30/PA++ and anti-aging properties, it's suitable for use in sunny island Singapore.
The BB Cotton Fit is also paraben free and artificial colour free, has a pump like the CC cream and gives a medium to full coverage as it is build-able.

Left: W13, Right: N02
Usual BB cream texture, thicker than the CC cream but it has good spread-ability.
One thing I noticed that's different about this BB cream and other BB creams that I've used is that the BB Cotton Fit has a more yellowish undertone, similar to that of a normal foundation as compared to the greyish tint from other BB creams.
That being said, it will give you a more natural look as oppose to the "pale fair" look I usually go for.

Left: W13, Right: N02
As you can see from the above picture, the BB cream gives a matte powdery finish, suitable for those of you who wants to use BB cream but doesn't like the dewy finish.
I currently use N02 while my twin sister uses W13 since she's slightly tanner than me.
I like how this BB cream is able to last all day on my face and doesn't melt in the sun!
All of the BB cream and CC cream has a pleasant mild scent to it and that's another reason I like using korean cosmetics than other brands.
All in all, this product would be suitable for people who has oily skin since it leaves a matte finish and able to stay on the skin well enough. You can also wear this if you have dry skin too, no worries because the BB cream is also moisturizing.

That's all for my review on Etude House latest products!
Remember to check them out too (:

Products were sponsored, all opinions are my own.

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