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Beauty Destination by L’Oreal Paris Singapore

L'oreal Paris has launched a one-stop site for all your beauty needs. Called Beauty Destination, you can pick up makeup advice, ask experts on any makeup questions that you have, watch makeup tutorial videos and participate in monthly contest where you can stand to win attractive prizes!
Focusing on three different topic every month for three month, there will be how-to videos and step by step guides by makeup maestro Larry Yeo hosted on Beauty Destination, using the latest product from L'oreal Paris Singapore.
Do check out Beauty Destination at

Make-up Topic of the Month: UPSIZE your eyes and achieve the Dolly look!

With makeup, nothing is impossible. That's partly why I love playing around with cosmetics and trying out different looks! It's all about optical illusion. This month, I'm going to let you in to some tips I've picked up along the way to UPSIZE my eyes.

To make your eyes bigger, you would need to "take up" more spaces around your eyes to give the illusion that your eyes are bigger. A good look would be trying out a "smokey eye" as it gives your eyes more definition and, it also gives you a bit of sultry factor to charm others.
I'm going to show you how to achieve this look! It's more makeup (and a darker look) than what I would normally wear but it enhances my eyes more.
 photo SAM_2064_1_zps44b19fce.jpg

1. Prime your face and conceal any dark circles around your eyes. I'm using L'oreal Lucent Magique for my primer because it helps to enhance the radiance from the skin. A salmon colored concealer works best to neutralize the blue-ish tint under the eyes. Or you can just use any concealer that you own. Best to start with a clean canvas to achieve the perfect look!

2. Use a dark eyeshadow color as a base! I used the black L'oreal Infallible eyeshadow that has a generous amount of shimmer in it during the workshop. To re-create this look now, I'm just using a black eyeshadow that I have. A dark color base gives more depth to the other colors if you're layering more colors later. Blend it bottom-up from the roots of your eyelashes to the crease of your eyes (that's where the eye ball is!).
 photo SAM_1986_1_zps74777385.jpg

3. Using L'oreal Les Ombres in Beige Trench, take the golden color and highlight the inner corners of the eyes. Highlighting the inner corners of your eyes helps to brighten up your face! It also creates the illusion of bigger, wide set eyes as it makes your eyes seem further apart.
 photo SAM_1988_1_zpsead78158.jpg

4. Take the darker color from the Beige Trench palette and use it on the outer corners of your eyes. We're creating the illusion of deeper set eyes now by playing around with the eye's shadow. Blend properly to prevent looking like you got punched in the eyes lol

 photo SAM_1990_1_zps86ead7c4.jpg

5. Next step, eyeliner! Line your eyes with a liquid liner. I'm using L'oreal Super Liner in Black Lacquer. It has a thick brush that allows me to deliver a good amount of product onto my eyelid. Wing out the eyeliner!
If, like me, your natural eye shape is round, wing it out horizontally to give the illusion of longer eyes. If you have almond-shaped eyes or horizontal oval ones, wing the eyeliner upwards for a cat-eye effect.
Also, if your upper waterline is visible between your upper lash line and eyeballs, fill in your waterline with a cream pencil liner, such as the L'oreal Automatic Slim liner in brown or black. I'm using brown as it looks more natural.

 photo SAM_1992_1_zpse6a51564.jpg

6. A Dolly look would require long luscious lashes. Curl your eyelashes and apply generous coat of mascara. I'm using the Lash Architect 4D, a waterproof mascara that sculpts lashes to 4-dimensional perfection. If you want some extra volume, cheat a little by using false eyelashes!
 photo loreal-4_zpsc7c7da63.jpg

7. Because you have relatively heavy makeup on the eyes, go light on the lips. Apply a few swipes of Rouge Caresse Heart of Pearls lipstick in Chestnut and Chic. It is a pinkish nude color with a pearl core in the middle to give a 3-dimensional effect with luminous shine. Dab lip gloss in the middle of your lips! The lip gloss I'm using is the Glam Shine Pinkolada from Miss Paradise collection.

8. Finish off with blush and let your inner doll shine!
 photo SAM_2053_1_zps1b583796.jpg

After playing around and trying out the L'oreal products, some of my recommendations would be:

L'oreal Rouge Caresse Heart of Pearls lipstick because it is very moisturizing and smooth to apply. It gives a luminous shine which makes my lips look better and the packaging is very sleek too! Perfect if you want to rock the pearl princess look. The "L'oreal" words at the side of the packaging is able to act as a mirror for you when you have to re-apply the lipstick. It is available in 6 colors with three different pearl core shades: Cream pearl (cute range), Peach pearl (chic range) and Pink pearl (sassy range).

L'oreal Les Ombres eyeshadow in Beige Trench and Eau de Rose are the perfect shimmery eyeshadow for people who wants to do a more neutral look. The color stays on well. Be warn though, it is very shimmery.

L'oreal Lash Architect 4D mascara has 4D fibres to reshape and sculpt the lashes without hardening it. 4-dimension meaning that your lashes will be lengthen, volumize, curl and texturize! The brush itself is able to wrap onto every lash and minimize clumping. It is also waterproof, so you can go swimming in it if you want to!

Products used and price list:
L'oreal Les Ombres eyeshadow $22.90
Black Lacquer eyeliner $20.90
Lash Architect 4D mascara $27.90
Heart of Pearls lipstick $18.90
Available at Watsons, Guardian, SASA and selected departmental stores and super/hyper markets.

Ending off with a last photo, good luck in achieving big dolly eyes!
 photo loreal-2_zpse9bb80a1.jpg

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