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Beauty Destination by L’Oreal Paris Singapore (II)

Remember Beauty Destination ( that I blogged about previously? It's L'oreal Paris one stop site for all your beauty needs!
They are currently having a contest so do take part in it as you can win awesome prizes!
It's a new month...which means, a new topic!

Make-up Topic of The Month: Les Petite Dresses for your nails!

Neat and groomed nails are always appealing to the eyes and as girls (or guys too), we like dressing up our nails! Do you match your nail polish to your outfits or just pick your favorite color?  I tend to stick to neutrals or darker colors instead of experimenting with neons and brights.
One problem that I dislike about using nail polish is that it's just a hassle to remove them once the color started chipping! Or some polishes chipped easily too! I love nail polishes that gives me a smooth application, not streaky uneven lines on my nails.

Introducing L'oreal Paris new nail varnish range called the Color Riche Nail Vernis, which promises everlasting shine for up to 10 DAYS!
One thing that I love about this nail polish is that it has a "Built-in Topcoat" technology. The Color Riche nail vernis contains film-forming polymers for shine and "crystal acrylic" that functions as built-in topcoat to provide toughness and magnified shin to ensure the purest, trust color without chipping for up to 10 days. The formulas are combined in a liquid gel base that glides smoothly during application and provides even coverage over the entire nail surface.
It also has a unique patented brush that facilitates smooth and easy application! The brush is flat and rounded, with splayed tufts for more comfortable and control of the flow of nail polish so that each stroke applies an even layer. The stem specially designed for the product to adhere to the centre of the brush to deliver just the right dose of product each time.
The design of the bottle is portable and easy to hold as it is slimmer than most nail polish bottles.
Retailing at just $8.90 in Watsons, Color Riche Nail Vernis is available in 30 shades!

A few weeks back I was invited to try out the new L'oreal Color Rche Nail Vernis at the L'oreal headquarters.

We were taught two different "nail looks" that is easy to achieve with just the nail polish itself! No additional fancy nail art equipment required because let's face it, how many of us actually has nail art design equipment laying around at home? (Though I admit I do have nail art brushes lol)
1. Color blocking nails
Start off with a base color and add a second layer to intensify the color if desired.

Next, using another contrasting color, apply two strokes at each side of the top half of your nails. With the unique "U" shaped brush by the Color Riche Nail Vernis, it is easy to achieve that curve lines by simply using one half of the brush.

Select another contrasting color and apply it in the middle of the two lines near the tip of your nails. I think it's easier to understand just by looking at the pictures haha

Taking the last color, apply it the same way as the first contrasting color (silver) that you choose, just at the tip of the nails.

Ta-Daa~ You're done with color-blocking nails! Or alternatively, mermaid scales nails? What would you call this look anyway? It is really easy and fuss-free, yet it looks interesting and fancy!

2. Polka dots nails
Starting off by applying a base layer as usual.

Next, put some nail polish on a piece of aluminium foil and using a bobby pin, tap it on your nails to create the dots! I'm sure there will be bobby pins lying around the house so there's no need to get nail art tools.

By varying the levels of the dots, you can have simple but pretty polka dotted nails! Of course, you can try dotting different colors instead of just sticking to one color.

And here is my attempt at designing my nails during the event!

Speaking of using household items to decorate your nails, another interesting alternative would be using sponge! Have you tried it? It gives a "water-color-flowers" effect that blends into the other colors easily. Or toothpicks to create lines and other designs too! There's so much things you can try decorating your nails with.

Personally, L'oreal Color Riche Nail Vernis has become one of my favorite nail polish range! I love how smoothly the color application is, the brush is easy to use and the color payoff is fantastic. I also could save the hassle of applying a topcoat after painting my nails since the Color Riche nail vernis comes with a shine which double up as a built in top coat. The color stays on the nails for up to 10 days as promised, it does not chip easily and it also dries relatively fast!
I would say that this product is comparable to other high-end brands in terms of application and color, at just a fraction of the price of those high-end brands!
It is available at Watsons so do check it out, I highly recommend L'oreal Color Riche Nail Vernis!

Have fun dressing up your nails and I wish you girls all the nail art luck in the world :D

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